PreenFM 2

I’ll test the MIDI channel thing and let you know, @tsutek
I suppose you have tried the last firmware (2.03), haven’t you ?

I found that using only CC was rather limited, in fact : most of the parameters are only accessible through NRPN… So :elot: cannot do everything I thought it would :sob:

The modmatrix is pretty cool, indeed. Wish I had a proper keyboard with mod wheel :smiley:
For the triangle waveform… Well, at least you can upload yours !

Mine came assembled with the 203 firmware already on board.
Yeah, one of these days I’ll make the time to learn how to make those txt file waveforms :ecstatic:

remember the macro knobs, those can be controlled via CC and you can assign their function in the mod matrix!

Damn, another cool thing surfaces :heart_eyes_cat:

I can’t find one anywhere :’(

So who’s all interested in buying a Preenfm2? Maybe we can get together and message the creator asa group so he’ll do another production run (I think we need 50 people, but maybe not?)

Hey, are you implying that the Preen’s DX7 patches are not emulated properly?? Cause I’m starting to think that about mine when it comes to the classic DX7 “harp” type sounds…which I adore. The one’s from the “DX” banks which came with my unit don’t sound like the harps in classic ambient records like “Celestial Soda Pop” by Ray Lynch

yes. If you read up a bit about it on the preenFM forums, the dx import on the preen is more of a compromise than a true dx emulation. The preenFM2’s architechture is too different to a DX.


thx for clarification!

I’ve got 203 too.
Would like metal case at some point , they’ve made my p6 and lxr drum machine look / feel nice.

Yeahhh … waiting is over

Today the postman delivered a small parcel … inside a white box with black knobs and keys … well built … and after hooking it up and some hours of getting acquainted with this little box … :+1: :upside_down::heart_eyes:

Love this thing already … and I only messed around with algorithm 1, which is only three ops in a triangle. I fear, I have a smirk-face … right now :yum:

The onboard user interface surprised me. It’s very basic compared to my software FM-synths, but you can get around those menus quite quickly. :+1:

Thanks @LyingDalai for pointing my nose to it. I guess the weekend will be much fun :grinning:

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Very glad you like it !

Try not to using the filter to keep high frequencies, just use the envelope or volume on the modulator to tame them…

It’s amazing, indeed, the sounds you can get out of it… I really love it that envelope has volume + timing for each of ADSR, and an envelope for each operators.
The operators menu+sub menu is rather smart, I felt.

Have fun, friend !

Yep, already figured that out … the amount of IM or the level of an op just works like a lowpass on the sound and it’s quite sensitive. But what about those filters … not good?

One thing I appreciated from the very first moment is that the frequency settings provide n+1/3 or n+2/3 too. Very convenient for some interesting frequency ratios to be set up.

The ADSRs have a slope to the Sustain level - after the Decay too … that is very interesting for evolving textures or some movement after AD. There are so many options to be explored … :slight_smile: I think, I will take some time just to tweak the knobs and listen.

It took only minutes to dial up a nice gritty bass sound, which is ready to use.

No, it’s just that it’s more interesting, in order to discover the capacities of this synth, to fight one’s reflex to use substractive synthesis :wink:

I guess you’ve already watched the tutorial video from Xavier Hosxe that give hints on navigation and performance knobs…

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Thanks … yes I have … just the other minute after I had read your post about the Preen FM2. I have always been the kind of guy, reading the manual or watching demos on YT before buying gear … I prefer to have expectations that have good chances to become true :wink:

Talking filters … you are right :+1: It’s important to embrace new work flows and change old habits … particularly if we search new sonic territory.

Today I will take some time, to dig into the various algorithms, and to understand, how those factory presets are made, which produce those formant-like sounds. Maybe I will also check out the software editor.

But first thing will be listening and knob-bing. Albeit, I am missing - only a little - the opportunity of feedback loops between the operators. Fortunately I have some alternatives. The most important fact is that I like the sounds of the instrument - it’s astonishing, what Xavier Hosxe has achieved - absolutely outstanding :+1:

Yesterday I jammed minutes with some presets … a poly synth arp-ing a chord, left hand on a Moog, right hand on an AK playing the Preen … This little thing will quickly wriggle it’s way in my next tracks.

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For me, the modmatrix is where things get interesting! Wonder why Yamaha never thought of a mod matrix for the DX - do some other Yamaha pm synths have this?

Just a heads up for other preenFM2 users, there seems to be some issues with the sandisk cruzer USB sticks some kits come supplied with. My config saving problems went away after I replaced the USB stick inside with a kingston stick I had lying around.


Good to know. This USB stick seems rather cheap, indeed.

I don’t have an opinion about sandisk, but this particular problem was caused by that particular stick with the preen. The cruzer might function perfectly with other devices. But yeah

Hi guys … :slight_smile:

Now this little box is in the studio for about 1 week … and I had some time to get acquainted.

Thank you @LyingDalai again for recommending this synth. As you said … no risk - only fun! I love this machine.

Now there is one issue - technically - I would at least like to mention. Sometimes turning an encoder seems to get the software out of balance :wink: … somehow :frowning2:

  1. the content of the screen starts to sweep from left to right - continuously. The sound is generated without flaws, but editing is nearly impossible. A reboot is required.
  2. the content of the parameters (lines 2 and 4) are not displayed at all. Well, everything other than the display seems to work, but this is not really the way it’s supposed to be. A reboot is required to get the display working correctly.

Anybody having the same experience and what could I do, to prevent this? FYI: I use USB power.

I have to praise the sound engine. The user interface is simple, but with all the shortcuts it’s really efficient. There is really no need to menu-diving.

Just tried the filters the other day. Most surprising was the “Crusher”. This thing is sounding really great. The level of crushing can be choosen sensitively and it keeps to be musical until the extremes. This applies not to all notes of the scale, but if the “wrong” notes are skipped there are interesting sounds. At least one can sample the sound and use it chromatically later on the sampler.

If someone is interested, I would be happy to share experience :slight_smile:

I don’t have such pb, you should ask Xavier Hosxe on the PreenFM forum…

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