Predicted Synths or Electronic Gear in general for 2020/21

Not sure if there is a thread for this already but are there synths coming out this year next year that are worth waiting for? Links if possible.

The Micromonsta 2 should be out later this year. I thought the Micromonsta was a neat sounding desktop synth, and I wish I got one before they were discontinued. The MK2 sounds feature packed, and I’ll probably buy one on release.


Octatrack owners will be happy


what do you think?

Tom Oberheim polysynth. Only mentioned once in a 2019 interview. Pandemic happened and he’s only getting older, so it may never happen. But getting the Oberheim name back from Gibson is probably huge incentive/motivation to release one final synth. My guess is that it will be the ‘Son of 4 Voice’ that was planned and never came to fruition.


More Behringer stuff should be along soon such as their 909, 2600 and MonoPoly clones. Their modular gear is starting to hit the shops with more modules listed on the website.

I can envision a Dreadbox monosynth with keys and some of their FX, maybe in collaboration with Polyend for sequencing again? That would be a cool little mono!

I think we might see more polys hitting the market from smaller companies too. Just a feeling in light of the success of the Peak and Hydrasynth

I hope so. I read an interview with Tom last fall where he said something new was coming at the beginning of this year. Obviously it has been delayed, but I can’t wait to see what it is. Sequential has something new coming soon, maybe it is another collaboration with Tom. The Tempest is gone, and both Oberheim, and Sequential their own drum machine history. So a Sequential/Oberheim drum machine would great as well. Maybe throw in Roger Linn for good measure, and call it “The Three Musketeer’s Beat Machine”.


I just want a circuit-for-circuit recreation of the Boss DR-110 with 64 steps, probability and separate outs. Too much to ask?

Also more novel synthesis methods being implemented into new designs, like the Lyra, Gamechanger Motor Synth and Radikal Delta CEP A.

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Some proper keybeds for eurorack would be nice. I find it embarrassing that people will build a $4500 system and play it with a keystep. And buying a separate synthesizer to control eurorack is ridiculous. I know of the KB37 and Super 37. But those double as cases/power supplies. Doepfer makes a few but they are massive.

That wasn’t really a prediction haha


You and me both! DR-110 and DR-55 for me.

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Surely on the 20th anniversary of the MachineDrum a spiritual successor will drop. :tongue: