Pre/Post Overbridge VST - Individual tracks + Master FX


I’m aware it is possible to route Digitone’s tracks 1-4 to individual tracks in a DAW (pre-overbridge plugin release).

Is it possible to route the separate tracks + use the Digitone’s main L/R outputs to route only the FX.

In Ableton I’m able to separate the individual tracks (dry) but I can’t seem to isolate the FX. It seems that I’m left with individual tracks and no effects, or tracks 1-4 summed to the master track with FX.

If it is not possible to route this now, will it at least be possible once the plugin is released?


This is my biggest gripe with OB, since I rely on the internal effects. It’d be great to have a full wet fx track instead of a master l+r, I can get that without OB already… We’ll see what happens in the future.


I would love to see some sort of track ‘route to main’ option (similar to the RYTM). Obviously there would only be a use for it while using Overbridge. If tracks 1-4 are not ‘routed to main’, the main would essentially become an FX track when using Overbridge.