PR/Promo for house, deep house and broken beat

hey gang
kind of a long shot here, but thought i’d ask anyway.
any recommendations for promo/pr agencies (for music, not events) that handle deep house, house music, broken beat/bruk… on the more soulful, traditional tip?
thanks in advance

for reference: labels like Rhythm Section, CoOper8, First Word, Eglo, Toy Tonics, Freerange, et al
thanks :slight_smile:

saw your message :slight_smile: yeah PR not distribution. I’ve actually worked with Prime for distribution before. :slight_smile: thanks for the shout anyway!

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ah right sorry I initially misread your request, i’m not sure about PR really, I work part time for a record shop so kinda know what comes from where etc, if you know the people at Prime maybe just ask them, Kudos are good for broken beat type stuff too, again i only know Distribution, not PR.


True! Kudos is the jam. Great catalogs/curation. Thanks again all the same :slight_smile:
Props for the record store gig. Doin the lord’s work :wink:
Used to slang vinyl in the early 2000s at Doc Martin’s old shop for a bit.
Anyway yeah… thanks take it easy!

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