Powering both Digitone and Digitakt with one power supply?


Possible at all? I have both of them and wonder if I could power both of them with their original one PSU-3b Power Supply?
Just want to carry a bit less weight with me around.
Thank you for your answer!


I believe it’s possible, but you could run the risk of overloading the PSU. I’m not sure what the worst-case scenario is that would cause that, but I think the PSU can push enough juice to power both boxes at once. You might want to power them up in sequence (i.e. power up DT, wait till it has booted, then power up the DN), to avoid any issues with the in-rush current requirements.


I forget what the PSU is rated at but I know the DT takes quite a bit >800mA @ boot then settles down to 600mA. Why not just buy a 12V 2A psu and make a split cable, simple enuf.



This is not a good idea unless you also plan to create some circuitry to prevent signal bleed between the two machines since they will share a common ground.



It’s DC


Thank you for your reply. The PSU shows that it outputs 12V DC 2000mA.

Do you reckon it’s safe to do it then?


Just checked that both Digitone and Digitakt take 12 V DC, 1 A. The PSU outputs 2000mA (2A), meaning it can indeed power up both machines?


just use some cable ties and rubber bands to wrap around both psu’s. way safer and practically the same thing