Post Your Animations and Electronic Sounds


I know I am not the only one on here that dabbles in animation… seen some posts in the past, thought it would be nice to have a thread collecting all this stuff. I also wonder if @Ess has some cool animation type stuff I think I have seen a bit on instagram before on a CRT… would like to see more :eye:

I’ll start it off with this guy I put together today. Yum Cat!


I would love to think there are enough animators here to fill a lengthy thread! I love the combination of electronic music and animation. I have, unfortunately, almost nothing to show for my own efforts. I once did a little bit of basic animation in Anime Studio (now Moho) and even a bit of stop-motion in Dragonframe for a teaser for an album release (that eventually got stalled by the label’s demise):

I also did one on the iPad using Animation Desk. It was my very first attempt at animation, and it shows:

Still, it gave me the bug and I eventually ponied up for Toon Boom Harmony, but have yet to find the time to really explore it in a meaningful way. Someday!


Nice I dig it… like the mixed media feel!


Thanks. I really need to get back into it. And drawing And sculpting in general, actually.


A mix of a little animated blinking eye I made and the video synthesizer cathodemer… pretty fun messing around with it, you can get some really neat analog type transitional effects from it.



Wow, you guyz are good, that Yum Cat looks awesome, aha. I would love to get into hand-drawn animation but damn, needs more time! I made this a while ago for a friend of mine :

Made in After Effect


I posted it already on other topic , but there’s never enough spam .


And I think I already said this on YT but damn, the animation is crazy, good job again!


So very good.


Wow that’s very good!


Nice! cool to see some completed works in here… great stuff all around. Makes me wanna make some more fleshed out stuff!

another thing I put together with a little live jam.


Commissioned for the Chaos Party at It’s Her Factory in London on 28 March 2019, this is a short abstract meditation on leaving things behind, taking the form of opt-art animations and Soundfont MIDI renditions of old themes with new meanings (and a bunch of semi-modular sounds from a Dreadbox Nyx and Volca Modular run through a Bastl Thyme).


Nice, really dig the mood… an eerie swimyness. I feel like I used to have dreams that are a bit like this.


Thanks! I’ve been seeing all manner of landscapes like this in my mind’s eye since I’ve embarked on this particular series of videos. There’s therefore bound to be more to come.


I dunno why I’m posting this crap…some in-game shit I rigged and animated…[its no wonder I can’t get hired anymore]


Here is a collection of clips I did when I was trying to learn a bit 3D (Cinema4D):


It’s a 48hr film animation for Sci-Fi London
made all the sfx and tunes with a borrowed digitakt.

Hope you enjoy the film!


have enjoy this!
Nice the Alien in red!


One of a collection of short A/V loops I made for #36daysoftype a couple of years ago. A letter (or number) each day for 36 days. I was in a really bad place mentally but having a creative focus helped. I’ll spare you the other 35. They’re all on my IG, if you’re a glutton for punishment. :wink: