Possible to set a conditional p-lock trig on the same step as a note trig?

I have a snare and I want to set a locked param (more decay) to trigger only 50% of the time that the snare is triggered. Is there a way to do that? I know how to make the snare itself only trigger 50% of the the time but how do I get it to conform to the plock on 50% of the time?

If either of the adjacent steps are available, you can microtime one of them either all the way left, or all the way right (depending on whether it’s after or before the step you want the snare to hit) so that they hit at virtually the same time, and then make the first hit 50% probability and set the second condition to NOT PRE.


wow… power hack… thanks!


It’s also a great way to sequence longer or more random melodic lines…trading out notes using 1:2, 2:2, % + NOT PRE, etc.

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yeah, that’s great - using the logic to create intricate parts.

Do you know if the Syntakt has an arrangement mode? I see that it has Chains but is there any way to save the patterns in an order or arranagment?
I also have an OT so maybe I need to use that for arranging and send program changes?

There is not.

You can.

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If you wanted, you could also use the NEI and !NEI conditions for trigs on the next adjacent track. The NEI conditions mean “depending on the result of the most recent condition on the track ‘before’”. Say you put a trig on T1 with 50% probability, and a trig on the same step on T2, with the NEI condition. If the T1 trig fires, the T2 will as well. To get the “p-lock condition” you’re after, use the !NEI condition, which fires the trig when the T1 _doesn’t-. If you make the t2 Teig a Sound Lock as well as a p-lock, it’ll sound like a variation of the T1 track.

The micro-timing based hack is probably easier :slight_smile: