Possible to send Midi from Digitone to Ableton?


Hey folks, sorry if this is super obvious - I’ve written a bunch of stuff in the Digitone and I’d like to work with the midi clips in Ableton instead of the sequencer.

I’m trying to track MIDI from the Digitone into Ableton but Ableton doesn’t seem to receive any signal.

I have both the USB and Midi connected and settings are as follows


Could anyone please help?

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


Are you trying to trigger audio files linked to MIDI triggers like a sampler? Or are you trying to play/sequence MIDI VSTs?

The auto channel isn’t necessarily a dynamically allocated channel, it’s a set channel, I believe on the Digitone that is channel 10. Try setting whatever you’re working with in Ableton to receive MIDI channel 10 and it should work… Unless it’s already set to all, then I’m not sure! I use Studio One 4 and I had to set the Digitone up as an external instrument first, if it isn’t the auto channel issue then someone with Ableton knowledge should be able to help.


You need to select the Digitone in Live´s midi preferences first to record into tracks
this article illustrates precisely how it works


Hey, thank you for this. I have all of this set up and have been using other devices just fine which makes me believe there is something up with the settings in the Digitone itself…


Hey there, thanks for your help.

I’m trying to send MIDI information from the Digitone to Ableton.
I don’t get a MIDI signal read in Ableton at all from the Digitone - nothing flashing to indicate MIDI is coming through, no reads on any of the MIDI input channels…

RE: External Instrument - that seems to work great for outputting MIDI from Ableton to the Digitone but not so much the other way around as it is set to “MIDI OUT” instead of “MIDI IN”


I guess you’ll need someone’s help that uses Ableton because I can do it no problem in Studio One.

In Studio One we have different setup options for external gear… For the Digitone I have one setup as an “Instrument” where I can control the Digitone with the DAW, and then I have a secondary one setup as a “Keyboard” which sends information from the Digitone to the DAW using all 16 MIDI channels, and I can easily play VSTs, drum kits, etc. with the MIDI from the Digitone…

I know it’s basic but are you making sure you selected the MIDI page from the Digitone (it should be glowing), selected T1 (track 1) and then went to the page SYN1 where you hold down the FUNC button and press down on encoder A to enable a MIDI channel?

Even though I can’t help you directly, what you want to do is easily possible with the Digitone.


I’ll guess you want the MIDI data from the audio tracks of the Digitone, right?

Well, that’s simply not possible, because the audio tracks will not send their content out via MIDI.

No Elektron devices does store the content of audio tracks internally as MIDI (they use an own format) and there is no way to convert all the different lock types back into MIDI data later on.

Workaround to get at least the notes back from an audio track:

  1. copy the audio track
  2. paste it to a free MIDI track
  3. configure this MIDI track’s send channel
  4. start playback and record the notes from the configured MIDI channel into Ableton.


Hey everyone. Thanks for your help here.
Wow I didn’t realise such a simple feature would be so difficult to achieve. Disappointing as I love everything else about the Digitone. It makes it difficult to write on the Digitone and edit in my DAW.


I was trying to do the same thing and your post set me right. Thanks @tnussb :pray: