Portable Vocal FX pedal / preamp

I am looking to get myself a mobile solution to use a proper mic, with my (hopefully soon to arrive) OP-1 field.
Therefore I am looking at a few preamp/FX pedals to help me hook up a dynamic mic to it.
The units I am interested in:

  • JHS colour box v2
  • Old Blood Noise Endeavors (OBNE) MAW
  • BOSS ve-500
  • Eventide Mixing Link
  • Radial Voco-Loco

Does anyone here have experience with one or more of these units?

If so, which do you prefer?

Which preamp sound is “best”?

I am mainly looking to use it for rap vocals.

I have a JHS colour box that I love for vocals, bass, and guitar. I own both the pedal and 500 series. It has lots of tone-shaping options and sounds like a Neve. I don’t record much rap vocals, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for that. However, I’m not sure it would be my first choice for pairing with an OP-1 (I’d search for something smaller and with additional effects). I don’t have any experience with the other units.

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The reason am considering the JHS is that it might be better in terms of fundamental sound and more a quality piece of equipment to be used for other things a well. I would add other pedals for FX as necessary.
Do you have the v1 or v2?

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I’ve had a MixingLink for year, and it’s beyond useful. Currently using it to connect a synth to an easily-overdriven audio interface. Have also used it as a pedal FX loop, a mic pre-amp (it’s a really nice one), a re-amper for guitar, and a simple mixer.

10/10 would buy again.


Good to hear the preamp is nice on that one…seems to be a nice multitool

Yeah, I use it even when I plug into a mixer/audio interface with preamps, because it’s usually quieter.

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I have the v1. It’s a great-sounding pedal and you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

How have I missed this? It looks incredibly useful on multiple sources.

Ive been looking at the TC Helicon Perform-VK.
Cheap, portable, accessible features, decent preamp, I/O options.

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Thanks for everyones input. Now the curveball

…I am debating whether or not it makes sense to rather get a small Behringer (or Mackie) mixer instead. I don’t know if any of these pedals will have a preamp that is noticeably better than the B?

These days preamps seem to generally be off okay quality…and a small mixer will still give me a send/return and some other inputs on top, as well as a EQ & Comp.

(The aim is to make a portable setup, where I can incorporate vocals with OP-z & OP-1 field)