Portable Battery to Power Elektron


I started this thread and use the TEKKEON 3450i for both my Analog Rytm and MonoMachine (you must change voltage output depending on which box you’re using). Not sure if it’s in production anymore, I scored one via ebay for cheap a while back.


Gotcha. Ok.


Anyone have any luck with something like this?

I know it’s only 5.1v vs 6v that the MnM says it takes, but maybe it would work?

Also, does the MnM PSU brick act as a step-down transformer? Couldn’t we just get a 12v laptop portable battery pack and connect it to that to provide portable power?


Hi slicetwo - it seems that battery you mention from newegg only has a USB output not the “ac adapter” type bits which come with the Tekkeon/Ravpower power banks.
I’m still trying to find something for monomachine as well since I really enjoy the portability I get with my A4/AR from the ravpower battery.


Ya, but I’m sure we could rig something up to go from USB to the AC type.
I’m more curious about what the big black box in the middle of the power cable that comes with the MnM is for. I wonder if we can use that as a step-down transformer since I figure it does the same thing with the signal that comes in from the wall.


Found this one:


It does 5V, 8.4V, 9V, 12V I’m tempted to try out this with the 5V or find a way to rig up a step-down transformer.


Yeah, but that’s what I’m trying to figure out. Is the power brick on the MnM cable a step-down transformer? Wouldn’t it have to be in order to change the current from the wall to the unit?


Hey mate, I forgot to thank you for your answer !
I’ll keep digging then :slight_smile:


No Prob Lying Dalai - as soon as I figure out a solution to use my Ravpower Xtreme 23000mah (step-down to 6V for MnM) or find another battery that will work with Octa/MD/MnM, I will for sure let everybody know!

A quick google search came up with this:


I might pick up one of those and try my hand at making some homemade cables.


So my buddy is an electrical engineer. We’re gonna try just that. Get a power pack and try to build the transformer.


You folks seen these newer battery packs with AC outlets built on?

You could attach a power strip and run multiple Elektrons and other gear (up to around 80w on the higher capacity model) from a single battery.



According to the manual, this device features a non sinusoidal output, (modified sine wave). This mostly likely isn’t good for more complex or sensitive electronic devices such as laptops or synthesizers. I would personally look elsewhere.

I don’t own one, but I have been doing a bit of research, and this battery pack looks as though it may work:

Powerstream pst-mp3500-i


Weird, it was marketed for laptops + anything else during the crowd funding campaign


I emailed the company to ask about it. This was their response:

Thank you for your interest in the ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet. Unfortunately we are not able to provide performance estimates due to the vast variety of devices and their technical specifications. The performance yield of the Portable Power Outlet will ultimately depend on your particular device’s power draw. I have attached the manual for the specs of the units for your review.

We currently offer Portable Power Outlets in 3 capacities:

12,000mAh (AC output voltage of 120V AC; Continuous AC output 65W)
18,000mAh (AC output voltage of 120V AC; Continuous AC output 85W)
27,000mAh (AC output voltage of 120V AC; Continuous AC output 85W)

The difference between each amperage is the amount of time your Portable Power Outlet can withstand powering your device. The charging time will depend on the amount of power the unit you are charging draws from the Portable Power Outlet. For best results, the device you are powering should stay within the Portable Power Outlet’s capacity limits.

We hope one of these options will be an option that will fit your needs. If it doesn’t, please keep in mind that we offer a 30-day Risk Free trial purchase.


In my quest to find a portable solution for the MNM/Octatrack I found this one:

Is this battery suitable for powering the MNM or OT?


44W / 12V -> 3,7A => OK for Analog series
44W / 6V -> 7,3A => OK for early trinity

So if I’m correct this should be OK for any Elektron :slight_smile:


nah man 85 watts @ 110v is only 0.772 amps
you would need at least 2 amps to power the elektron, 2.5 - 3 amps is ideal
modified sine wave is ok for this type of equipment though, just not powerful enough in this case

I have developed a small power conversion box that connects to any lithium backup battery pack for the octatrack. available shortly for $50. I am currently working on an all in one solution for a4 & ot which will cost a bit more…

updates to come stay tuned :slight_smile:


Well that sounds dope. If you build it and it works, I’d be down to pick one up.


thanks for the clarification.
Have my eyes on this one, now, for mobile Rytm work.



thanks for the clarification.
Have my eyes on this one, now, for mobile Rytm work.

Go for it, brother ! You’ll really enjoy being able to play RYTM everywhere.
I have a similar battery:
It works wonders for A4 and AR