Portable Battery to Power Elektron


Tekkeon no longer makes those powerful batteries…[/quote]
tis’ a pity, but wouldn’t these work just as well?

No, because it has to be uninterrupted, regulated steady power, very much like an UPS back-up, and the now-discontinued Tekkeon did that, as does the DC outputs of the RavPower Extreme and one that costs twice as much made by Energizer. Do as you may, but it’s not as clear and simple as it may seem.


so I guess there is not a reliable one for the octatrack…


Hey guys,

i can recommend you the Xoro 2000


20000 mAh , 12 V and works for ~ 5-6 hours (with A4)



Interesting. For two elektron (OT + MD), I guess one would need 2 Xoro 2000 ?


Interesting. For two elektron (OT + MD), I guess one would need 2 Xoro 2000 ?[/quote]
Thats right !


tnx for the heads up marcus!

Ordered a Xoro 2000 and can’t wait to put it to use this weekend on my A4.


bought this one few days ago, will report once i’ve done some ‘on-road’ tests :slight_smile:


…been out for the first test today :slight_smile:

probably not the bbest setup ever but it was good enough for a first test.
i’ve been playing for about a couple of hours and things went pretty much smoothly (apart from a forgotten MM power chord, had to play only with the AR at the beginning)

the inverter i used can generate up to 350W so it should be enough to hook up a proper set of speakers :astonished: :sob: one extra bit needed would be a meter for the battery…as it stands, i can’t really tell how much left there’s in there

overall, it was a good test and it was also nice to see people around, interested in the Elektrons out in the wild :slight_smile:

edit: next time will need to get into some shadows…could not see the pads colors at all :expressionless:


you didnt asked me to come? :zonked:


you didnt asked me to come? :zonked: [/quote]
sorry TrabanT, i effectively only did some tests to check how long the battery would last and that was pretty much it; i also had crappy speakers so there wasn’t much to listen to either. i’ll make sure to let you know next time i’m out though


i’ll make sure to let you know next time i’m out though[/quote]
would love that… btw, we also have another thing in common! …


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: really helpful these days


Just bumping this in case anyone is looking for a battery on the cheap. I’m selling my second Tekkeon, as I don’t need it. Details here:


Hey guys just made the leap and bought a Monomachine. So far super stoked with this beast. I want to be able to play it on the go since I have a feeling it’s going to take me a LONG time to get decent at it.

I have this power bank which I’ve been using for my AR and A4 - it gives me about a week worth of playing 2x a day maybe 30min per session:


Now my question is will 9V or 5V work with Monomachine and not fry it ? This battery only outputs 5V 2.5amp or 5V 1amp and then goes up to 9V (unsure the amperage).

I’m hesitant to try - Any advice ?


You can buy very cheap step up or step down modules off ebay China. They Are like 50 cent incl postage. Set them up with a multimeter (there Are better ones with display for 1,50) and you can hook it to a simple usb powerbank (step up als this is 5v) or a motorcycle battery (step down from 12v).


thanks yentz

I’ve seen people mention voltage regulators a few places on the forum.

So I’m not really a electronics wizard - would I need to order a regulator and get a soldering iron and some spare cables I can sacrifice which have the correct type of connector and cut/splice the two ends together with the regulator in the middle ?

Would the most efficient use on the power bank be to use the USB 5V and step up to 6V or use the DC out 9V and step it down to 6V ?

Any advice on where to begin with building my own cable would be greatly appreciated. Like I said I’m inexperienced, but a pretty handy guy who’s totally into DIY projects. I’ve also considered getting into soldering so I can start making my own audio & CV cables for my different devices.


I think ist really depends on what you Are After.
A motorcycle battery has way more capacity but is uncool in Teams of Transport (Academy Insider).
Send me a Pm and i can give you my Email. Ist is Not difficult at all


Hey let me exhume this dying thread…

Just found this “K23” battery : does (or did) anyone use it already ?
How good is it ?


Hi Lying Dalai,

Seems like that one won’t work. It only does 12, 16 and 19V off the AC output. It would work for Analog Four and RYTM, but not Octatrack and Monomachine.

I’m currently trying to find a battery that I can purchase in Canada that will work with Monomachine (6V input) and it’s near impossible. There are some that can be ordered from amazon in the US, but they don’t ship to Canada :frowning:



I’d love to know if that Tekkeon would work. I’m dying for a portable solution.