Portable Battery to Power Elektron


Did you get the 13 or the 20? Have you tried running the DT at the same time as something hooked up to a USB port (like a speaker) and, if so, how did that affect things (if at all)?

The Omnicharge looks badass but I’m still trying to find a way to get one to Australia. Hoping it’s worth the effort.


3 prong (AC) output battery packs seem to be more available this year in the USA…

Here are a few I’ve come across that may (or may not?) be viable 6V solutions (OT/MM/MD), used in conjunction with included Elektron 6V DC power supplies, of course.


worth a look-



I managed to purchase a Vinsic powerbank wich I assumed would work, but there’s no way to change the DC output from 19v to 12v. Would I fry the Digitakt if I’d try to run it on 19v, or would it only pull the needed power?
I also purchased a Sandberg Powerbank that works like a charm.


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Dont run it of 19V.

You run the risk of damaging the unit.


Yeah, as I thought. Just wanted to confirm my assumption :wink: Thanks for the reply!


Bumpage, hows everyone powering their Ot mobiley?


hey PaPYKoG,

Did you actually tried this with the octatrack already?


Yes I was using it on the bus a few days ago! works great, switched it to 9v.


I am having a 5hr flight and just ordered this, should be here today, just in time.

Do you know if it’s safe to use it at 9V?


Im french as well, for some reason when I saw the pic I knew it was in France. Weird!


Yes it is.


Have you tried any of these out? Im looking at the cylindrical Anker one


I’m curious how you are getting along with this battery and the OT? Noticing any funny behavior from the extra voltage?


You can change the voltage from 9V/12V/19V/20V. I have not noticed any problems or weird behavior. In fact I made a song on the bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow yesterday with the Analog Rytm MK1, last week I used the Octatrack MK1 and it was as simple as changing the voltage on the battery.


Good stuff, as long as folks set voltage correctly before pluggin in elektron :wink:

Did it come with correct dc power plugs?


Well i just snagged a used Tekkeon MP3450 on ebay. Heres to hoping it works great! Im hoping by the time it no longer functions there will be a better solution.


@AdamJay i confirm Ravpower 27000mAh, it work very nicely with OT MK2, A4 MK2 and will with the AR MK2… i talked about this one before… what’s nice is the Elektron PSU do its job for the electrical transformation as we plug it with the normal electric plug that’s what i like about this powerbank it can charged devices but when hold the power button it switch and delivers continuous power. and it comes with a cool carry case :stuck_out_tongue:


You do get a quiet hum through the audio though. I do.