Portable Battery to Power Elektron


Would this work? 50% off right now.


Bought one of these today.
Will be testing it over the weekend.


just running it now on my analog four. Its running smoothly, quiet. Cant hear any fan. There is a ventilation on one side which might be a fan, but cant really tell. i can say the first 15 minutes its running silently.

Edit: OK been running it for half an hour now, its warmed up, and is making some noise, relatively subtle., no interference on the synth audio as far as I can tell, but you can hear it when no music is playing just in the general room.

Edit 2: OK I think I can hear a very slight hum in the audio of the synth. I know its there because when i put my hand on the battery, the buzz is quite loud. When i take my hand away, it disappears.

So yes if this kind of thing bothers you then don’t get this battery. For me its Ok to use as a portable setup but when recording will most likely need to switch to mains.


Still haven’t received my Omnicharge … Was listed as “ready for shipping” for months, and after finally getting an answer about it they said “oh, we have none left. Yours hasn’t shipped. But we are making more”. A couple of days later I get a promotion email from them saying “Success! All units from the pre-orders have shipped”.


Can I get a good recommendation for using Digitakt on portable power supply, pls.


read exactly there were you are…
dozens of recommendations…


I should mention that my country uses 220v to 240v and we use a three-pin AC adapter. I did some search prior to posting, the Omnicharge seems good. Wanted to hear in specific, what Digitakt users have been adopting.


look here, I have made my own recommendation…
There is even a picture of DT and the powersupply…
It is working fine and for hours…


No need to get snarky.


sorry, no offense :slight_smile:


@Percivale Hello ! you can search in this thread for a member and see all his comments from this particular thread…
I haven’t recomendations to made that’s why i can’t give any… the last grief with battery to pay attention seem to be FAN as it’s generate noise in your machines so pay attention to that :wink:


I wonder if Elektron has a position on the use of modified sine wave inverters with their products. I’m very interested in a battery setup but I would not risk damaging any of my units.

It looks like the only pure sine wave batteries are in the too heavy to bother range.


I doubt any manufacturer of any electronic product would recommend the stepped sine wave inverter, its a low cost solution and is not generally recommended for sensitive equipment like computers etc. it will work but a regulated pure sine wave is preferred for almost every mains voltage application, especially AC motors, tools and white goods etc… using an inverter is most likely the least compact solution to power them up when you are away from the studio as you are going to have 3 components, battery bank, inverter and power adaptor and as such you would be taking a DC supply, converting it to AC and back to DC. it’s not the most efficient use of energy. The affordable inverters usually run at between 70% and 80% efficiency, a pure sine inverter will cost a lot more and potentially be more efficient than the cheaper ones but taking the regulated DC supply directly from a lithium power bank is many times more efficient and compact.


Interesting. So the modified sine is only required for inverting the power to AC? By using the direct DC out [of one of these various battery packs] the issue is avoided? I acquired my only knowledge of this topic over the past few hours, so bear with me!


FYI I got confirmation from Elektron that using DC from a battery pack should be safe. Never asked about modified sine AC but I’ve read enough to steer clear. Battery on order!

On another note, anyone using a sweet battery powered speaker or is it headphones all around?


I recommend the minirig system. Its a bit pricy but good, the internal batteries last quite long and mine haven’t lost max charge capacity in the years I’ve had em. Rocking one minirig + sub here.


For the budget conscious, I’d look into JBL portable speakers.


thanks for putting it together…
the fan is not really annoying as I guess you will make some sound with your instruments and this will hopefully be much more noise than the fan emits in the ybove mentioned xtorm power bank. You can definitly hear it bit this is not the average laptop is going mayhem noise… It is a pretty distant sound… otherwise I would have returned the xtorm as well…


Was the Omnicharge hard to get a month ago? I just pulled the trigger on it 2 days ago and it arrived just now. It’s about as sick as a battery pack can get. Feels quality.



$150 CAD for 50000mAh. Fits nicely in the front pocket of the ECC-2 with the 12v 2.5A dc cable sticking out for Rytm use. :slight_smile: