Polyrhythm issue

Hi guys, I’m having an issue with the sequencer when using advanced mode to perform polirytm sequances. Baiscally I need to do a polirytm let’s say with a kick on 16 steps and the rim on 6 steps. What appens is that the rim reset when the 16 steps are completed, so it jump from the 4th step to the first one (6+6+4=16), insted of completing it’s cicle and restart indipendently. I read about someone experiencing the same issue but I still cannot solve it. I have the latest OS atm 1.45B and I was hoping it was fixed but apperetly not. Or am I missing something? thanks!

Are in advanced settings? Have you changed the Master LEN (gth)?

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yeah sure, t works just if I’m on INF, but in that case I have isseue with switching pattern since it is INF, so it never end

You’ll need to use Direct mode then. Or change CHN value to your preference if you need Sequential.

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Use the lowest common multiple of 16 and 6, which is 48, for LEN.

Thanks, but it’s not going to solve my problem, becouse I could need to use a 5 step pattern and I’ll have the same problem

I guess you won’t like it, but I think that this won’t be solved in the way you’re searching for. It all comes down to “Sequencer Data is stored in a Pattern”

A pattern just doesn’t know what the position of the play head in the sequencer of a previous played pattern was. You chain the Pattern, and when it starts, it’s track sequencers all start at 1.

Depending on when you chain the new pattern, the AR would need to store the information which pattern was played last before the change (or is currently playing before the change), then would have to scan all different tracks on their metrics, calculate where the Sequencer would be at when the change happens, then output sequencer start data depending on the point in time where the pattern change happens. And this just isn’t implemented that way.

If you want to keep the different Metrics in time, you have to use the lowest common multiple or use direct change, I am currently not aware of another workaround.


Then set LEN to “INF” and set CHNG to whatever value suits your purpose.

Yeah that’s what needed actually, thanks, it works as I want now. Thanks!

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Thanks, I meant on the same pattern, so setting INF and Change I will solve it :wink:

Ah OK, great!

Have created a LCM calculator for Octatrack which also works well for AR if you want to calculate the master length accurately:

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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what’s the difference between pattern length on the pattern page, and master pattern length on the track page?

It’s the same thing. They both repeat the pattern.

Just in Advanced mode you have access to track length and a higher pattern length value so as to coordinate pattern repeats of tracks with different lengths.

ah ok i get it… thx

Wait what… scale has an advanced mode??? *Runs to RTFM and try it *