@JohnnyEgo I was wondering the same thing about MPE controllers recently, it seems like it would work very well in theory. (I bought an RK-002 and then realized I don’t have a MIDI interface that can change its default controls; I also have an iPad with Drambo that can do midi processing, so I’m trying to decide to do with the RK-002.)

@_max cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

What about Syntakt ?

Edit : ah, iirc it may not work with midi DIN…

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Is interesting, because you can control all “poly” machines parameters (RK002 maps incoming channel CCs to all “poly” channels).

So I got it working in bitwig, had a bit of a think but essentially not that difficult: a note fx selector set to round robin (well free-robin to be exact) 8 different channel maps, each sending the auto channel to one of the 8 midi channels for the digi tracks. Made another note fx selector for the analog voices consisting of 3 channel maps.

Really pleased with such a simple solution.

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Hi, I’m interested if we can have proper polyphony work just by the internal note priority setting in Syntakt? I tried this, and it has unexpected behaviour when I set 3 separate tracks with different settings. The tracks receive on the same MIDI channel.

No. They would have announced it !

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totally happy with mono. just saying.

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