PolyPhase - Generative Sequencer (iOS)


PolyPhase is generative sequencer for the iPad.

Beta : https://testflight.apple.com/join/hUupoCpU

A Master melody is generated on the fly & copied, with phase offsets, to Slave Tracks. You can DISABLE the generation of notes & draw your own sequences, or use the randomization functions.

You can sequence external hardware, other iOS instruments, or use the included wavetable synth.

There are many adjustable parameters which will guide the generation of notes…it’s extremely versatile. You can let it run all day and play for you…or, when you hear something you like, turn the Master Track OFF to LOCK / LOOP the sequences in place. I’ve come up with many new ideas using this app! Any suggestions / feature requests are welcome before I release it.

Collider for the iPad

Beautiful! I look forward to poking around with this! It’s very impressive! That piano piece sounds lovely, btw


I finally got around to playing around with it.

The internal audio engine is a nice touch- as I don’t have the time/energy to connect it to other gear at the moment.

One suggestion(I couldn’t find alternative channels to submit this in the TestFlight app): perhaps, with the help menu- instead of it being one bulk page of information, perhaps it could be a series over boxes that sorta navigate you and point you through the features of the app?

Also, is the decimate feature of the fx not yet functional?

Also, I just gotta reiterate- the internal audio engine on this thing is really nice work. I understand it was a bit of new territory for you? But it’s really nice and straightforward.

Excellent work!


You need to toggle Decimate on the Synth page. The actual controls / values for that FX are on the FX page (they will be dim / non-functional if it’s not enabled).

Yes, the help menu is quite verbose, and your suggestion is a good one, but it’s too much work for the time being :nerd_face:!

It is my first app with an internal synth engine. My family / friends always gave me hell for them not being able to use any of my stuff (no hardware).


There it is! Super cool! :slight_smile:


Of course! Certainly understandable! I don’t know the level of difficulty required for stuff like this(other than the nightmare of coding visual interfaces😃)

Other than that, it’s a very prestene interface! Very clear and generally a joy to navigate


Heyyy!!! Very nice!!..now playing whith your app…tonight i try with i-connectivity midi4+ , octatrack & digitone…
Thank you very much for your work!!!
Keep in touch…


Hello!!! Tested with Octatrack & Digitone (by i-connectivity midi 4+)…
no bugs,no freezes, everything works perfect!!
Very inspiring, I recommend to everybody…
Great work!!!
When you release the app ,I’ll buy instantly .
Thank you very much!!!


Sounds nice , works well . Nice synth tones .
Do you want suggestions / ideas ?

When clicking on a new sound to load it’d be nice to preview/hear it before committing to load.
If I draw in notes could it fix them to selected scale ?
Add any indications if delay is tempo syncd etc.

None are essential , and the simplicity is a benefit , it entirely depends where you want to push its core functionality …


  • Delay is tempo-synced
  • All notes (drawn or generated) are filtered according to the Key / Scale…choose chromatic scale to disable


speaking of o_C, hemisphere app would be outstanding! will check this app out. thx!


I know of hemisphere from seeing the muffwiggler thread, but I never actually read it or used the that firmware…I thought it just allowed you to use 2 o_C apps at once, but maybe there is more, I need to check it out.


yes it allows two apps and the apps differ from the og apps, including midi/cv conversion, check the list out!


Hi @mekohler, congratulations,
really nice sequencer. Do you prefer feedback via TestFlight or here?


Thanks! You can post feedback / requests here.


Looks promising, I’ll have a go with it!


Things that will change in next beta:

  1. Tweaked default sequencer values (rate & chance)
  2. Remove the small waveform display and always have Snapshots visible, the large waveform will remain
  3. Tweaked presets
  4. Tweaked Euclid algorithm

I like the idea of auditioning synth sounds when in the load screen, so I will start to code that.


Very very cool man!!! So versatile ! So easy… wow! I feel like Mozart , just with a few random push. I won’t be in studio for the weekend… so I ask you what about using it with an Expert Sleepers ES8? I love this app


Never used an ES-8, but I don’t see why not. You can select an interface / channels to connect to in the app to output MIDI notes.


So… it could be a fantastic modulation source with those 4 amazing editable lines… can’t stop playing woww