PolyPhase - Generative Sequencer (iOS)


Some apps only have a simple “Clock In” toggle, like Ruismaker FM. This means it will listen to all clock ticks from all external Ports when enabled, or nothing at all when disabled. I prefer allowing the user to specify the exact Port it’s working with. Either way, if you get double ticks in any other apps, this might be the case!


This is a brilliant piece of software, my new favorite thing. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Here’s a composition I made this morning:


I’ll have to check out the Aparillo synth, some good sounds there!


Hey Marcos, is there a way to sync the AUM transport controls to PolyPhase? So, PolyPhase starts when AUM starts? I feel like I am just missing something, thanks!


You need to use AUM as the clock.

  • Disable PolyPhase Clock generation, and make sure “PolyPhase” is still selected for Clock Receive
  • In AUM under Clock options, enable Send MIDI Clock and select PolyPhase

Now PolyPhase will receive Transport / Clock from AUM


Update Out:

• Added External MIDI Control of the Track Parameters, Synth, FX, Snapshots, & Note Filter
• Each Track’s Sequencer can now be used to sequence CC Values
• The Master Track’s Compressed Range can now be specified
• Increased the note range of each Track by 3 notes (from F1-B3 to D1-B3)
• Added a return to host button when using IAA
• Added “Display Parameter Popup” option
• Added “Display Help Menu On Start” option
• Added option to set Humanization %
• LPF Resonance is now volume compensated
• Presets have been reworked
• Side Toggles, MIDI Ports, & Channels will now be recalled when launching the app
• Updated Help Menu
• Minor UI Updates


Brilliant looking update. Thanks Marcos!


Update Out:

• Added Custom Scales
• Added option “MIDI Purge With Note-Offs” to deal with synths that can’t handle 128 Note-Offs sent during a MIDI Purge
• Added option “Automatically Dim UI”
• Added option “Preserve Structure” under each Track’s Advanced Settings
• Improved Randomization
• UI Updates


Oh wow! As soon as I get paid I’m having this. Nice work @mekohler


Redacted…User error.


I’m not sure what the issue is, I don’t see that behavior.

Is this the first time updating since the open beta? At some point the file structure for Presets changed.

Under the main options menu do you have “Load Steps With Snaps” turned on?


Ah, loading steps with snaps did it (doh). Thanks for the help.


This looks like it could be an ideal partner with the Digitone for generative ideas.

Is it compatible with the iPad 2?


The minimum iOS requirements is iOS10. I don’t think that the iPad2 support that ;[


Update Out:

• Added option “Follows Master” for each Track
• Added option “Constant Note” for each Track. This is useful to sequence external drums.
• Each Track now has it’s own option to output repeated MIDI notes
• Added a toggle in the Load view to recall the last saved / loaded Preset Name


Hi, recently purchased Polyphase and found it pretty cool. I just wanted to ask what is the Midi In connection intended for?

For example : i was expected to be able to select the main note to be used for the current scale from my midi keyboard. Is it possible? or could it be a new added feature?



To externally control any of the Track’s parameters, the Note Filter, etc (Click the upper left gear icon in the MIDI menu to see all of the mappable parameters and functions)…There is no concept of a main note, just a Key / Scale and transposition, which can all be controlled externally. You could even self-sequence these “external” parameters in the Track’s Advanced Options…in this case, the normal note sequence for each Track will also send out an internal CC which can be mapped to anything.