Polymeter question

Is there a way to make tracks with individual lengths loop independently from the master length? Here’s an example to clarify: if my master length is set to 8, a 3 step pattern will repeat as follows:
1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 *1 2 3…
I’d like it to loop independently then be interrupted wherever it’s at when I change patterns. Is this possible?

yeah, [func+pattern] for pattern settings menu, activate per track. now on the scale menu[func+page] you can set your master pattern length and the length of the selected track. you can set the length in steps quickly using the trigs

You misunderstand my question…
I know how to set individual track lengths. But whenever the master length ends, the “odd” meter track is interrupted and begins at step 1 again… I want it to loop independently so the pattern can “evolve” rhythmically. Do you know if this is possible?

if I understand what youre saying I think you might be looking for plays free mode, it lets the tracks play independently of the sequencer and you trigger them individually

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I dunno about the Octatrack as I don’t have one, but on the Digitakt you’d set M.Len to INF, and I guess it probably works similarly to the Octa.

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Hmm… But then how/when does it change patterns?

that’s what Ch. Len is for (*on the DT at least). If my main tracks on the pattern are 64 steps, I’d use Ch. Len as 64.

Master Length = INF


Never! :smile:
You can set pattern change behavior to 16 steps for example, so it changes pattern after 1 bar.

FN+PATTERN or Fn+Bank > Pattern Settings

USE PAT SET. CHAIN BEHAVIOR specifies for how long the active pattern will play before a cued pattern will start playing. To be able to change this setting, the USE PRJ SET. setting below must be unchecked. If PLEN is selected, the pattern will, depending on if NORMAL or PER TRACK mode is active for the pattern, play either according to the total step length of the pattern or the set master length before a chained pattern will begin playing. The other values possible to set are indicated in pattern step lengths. If the chosen value starts to blink that indicates the value exceeds the length of the pattern. The pattern will then play as if PLEN would have been selected.


Set scale mode to per track, master length to inf and set appropiate chain behaviour (page 90, Mk1 manual)

If you want OT to behave like it was a 16 step pattern, set Use Pat Set to 16.


Dude, you’re like a better version of the manual :star_struck:

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He indeed is. And does great graphic works, too :grin:


Nah. Manual is the best. If you read it better, it’s plenty of jokes and beautiful pictures. :content:
Well, reading regularly Elektronauts helps to memorise all the infos. :wink: