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We need a lip reader for 1:55:48 :sweat_smile:

The Synthstrom now has everything except a screen! Its a great device with a suburb developer but I ended up selling mine as I just didn’t get the muscle memory required to use it properly, I’m just to lazy I guess, I either needed a screen or something far less complex and capable than the Synthstrom.


He said “Look at these fools how they’ll babble on Elektronauts for days about an empty Pelikan box” :))

So… babble babble babble :smiley:

On a more serious note, IT BETTER BE FUCKING GREAT, not good. Otherwise… all this teasing was just annoying.

Seriously… I think I checked Instagram and this thread countless times during work.


Is that the ‘official’ name ? Or some joke that’s gone over my head ?

A bad joke that probably got under your feet (My joke game is … something else :smiley: )

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Copper is British for Police.

Really? Do you know why?

Edit: I haven’t realized the obvious connection between "copper"and “cop” (because I thought it had something to fo with the metal/chemical element) but here’s a nice explanation I saw in Wikipedia (I hope it’s correct):

The term copper was the original word, used in Britain to mean “someone who captures”. In British English, the term cop is recorded (Shorter Oxford Dictionary) in the sense of ‘to capture’ from 1704, derived from the Latin capere via the Old French caper .[15] The OED suggests that “copper” is from “cop” in this sense, but adds that the derivation is uncertain. Many imaginative but incorrect stories have come up over the years, including that cop refers to the police uniform’s copper buttons, the police man’s copper badge, or that it is an abbreviation for “constable on patrol”, “constabulary of police”, or “chief of police”.[16]

Edit 2: and now I’m reading the entire Wikipedia page about police-related slang terms

See, Polyend, why you must release it urgently!


I saw people complaining about how it sounds. Was it bad sounding, or not satisfying soundwise, for you.

You should definitely check out the deluge thread on this board – there’s a lot more discussion of the internal synth engines there that might help you understand what people’s gripes are.

Personally, I don’t think the Deluge’s synths sound bad, there are just a few limitations:

  • Synth param controls often aren’t granular enough. One common complaint is that the “useable range” of an effect or parameter is all within the first 5 (out of 50) settings on the knob. The onboard saturation, for example. I’ve never use it above maybe 6 or 7, honestly. I’d much rather have 20 more individual stops along that 1-7 range. And if you look closely at the .xml files that get generated for Deluge projects, the device is totally capable of more granular settings for all of its params – the 0-50 range is just a convention that gets applied over the top.
  • “Meh” FX – Chorus, Phaser, and Flanger are all included as onboard effects, but they’re really hard to tame and make sound decent (in part due to the setting granularity thing I mentioned above).
  • No LPF/HPF on FM synth. :frowning:

That’s just a few I can think of off the top of my head, but just to be clear, I actually don’t have a problem with the internal synths in Deluge. I’m pretty happy with the patches I’ve made, and as many people have mentioned in the Deluge thread, the “Boards of Deluge” and Rephazer Deluge patch packs are worth getting/listening to their samples to hear what the box is capable of. And of course, on top of all that it’s a pretty capable sampler.

My biggest gripe at the moment is the screen, but a lot of that was mitigated in 4.0 with the folder structure so I don’t have to scroll endlessly through synth patches.

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I loved the Deluge for what it brings to the table, portable, with a battery, in that single unit. At the end sold it, because my eyes are not good enough anymore to see the sub labels for all the options outside perfect light conditions and because I missed a way to find back into a project, when I didn’t touched it for a while.
Effects could be better, Headroom all together could be better and no LPF on the FM was a bummer too, and what @porkloin said in its first bullet point: way too much parameters that are not usable (for me) outside a very small range and with that a way to rough resolution.

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The sound was ‘OK’, some of the patches I heard made by other people sounded pretty good but I just couldn’t use it for anything advanced without a screen (and I couldn’t read the writing on the box itself even with my reading glasses!). The sequencer concept was fun and that why I have an OXI ONE now triggering the sounds of my Eurorack, DAW or even my iPad (over BT). To be honest the iPad sounds better than the deluge did to me, but then an M1 iPad has a lot more processing power than most hardware synths and for me the OXI + iPAD is about perfect (so I have no new Polyend Lust… yet!)

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I think a single patch on the Deluge can sound absolutely great.

It’s when you use a few of them together, and maybe some samples to boost, you’re in trouble.

:rofl: what a larrikin

What are you triggering on iPad? I’d love a hardware interface with the flexibility of software.

I use AUM (this is what made the iPad work for me) as a host mixer with AU plugins.
AUM - Audio Mixer on the App Store (apple.com)

There are so many good sounds to play I don’t know where to start- Korg stuff, Arturia SEM, Moog stuff, sugar bytes stuff, SynthMaster (a lot of the VST stuff is identical on iPAD)…none AU stuff I still love include Borderlands which is enough reason for anyone musician to own an iPAD :slight_smile:

Borderlands Granular on the App Store (apple.com)


This is the sole reason I have an iPad. Okay, that and Koala.

I’m still waiting for the unread blue graphic on the thread heading to be 30+
That all be the day it is revealed and YouTube has videos with plants and toys. And whatever the device is in the middle.

Next week …. ? … more waiting.


Me too. I guess next week we’ll get another teaser. I don’t think they’ll lunch before super booth

They are really dragging this one out. Better be a killer device:)

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Let’s keep the good times rolling