Pocket operator modular system


Nope! When it came out there were less operation modes and the digital ins/outs or programming board to connect with toys or other gear wasn’t doing anything! I bought this to test with circuitbended gear but it did not work in the beginning! After a few years they unlocked those things. I remembered that I’ve mailed TE at that time for this. Anyway now I don’t use oplab that much, it sometimes goes out of sync when I connect it to my kenton thrue 5, but it’s stable if you use oplab as main clock. The most fun I had was sending tombola sequencer from OP1 into ms20 so I feel Oplab is thrown away money.


oplab has also done everything that it’s advertised to do for me when I used it. all the I/O seemed to work once i understood the operating modes.

i’m not sure if it’s a language barrier, or you’re just really unhappy with elektron… but please consider making it clear that what you’re saying is your opinion OR try to provide some type of proof/references in the form of links to other posts, videos, or articles.

I am not trying to insult you or anything like that, i think you have good intentions to inform others about the negative aspects of some gear you’ve owned in the past but sometimes it’s communicated in a way that just comes off as you trying to manipulate facts to support your own opinions.


So anyway. I’m using the Oplab as an interface between my laptop and my increasingly ancient MIDI gear with DIN connections.

I can also use it standalone because it’s a MIDI host. When set up this way, I connect my class-compliant USB MIDI controllers such as the MPD218.

None of this is in itself groundbreaking. Except that it’s also a MIDI to CV converter as well as CV to MIDI converter, which was handy when I had an analog modular system.

From a design standpoint, all of this is available in a single 2U-sized device, and it came with a foldable (cardboard) stand, which foreshadowed the upcoming PO modular systems.



this type of design “echoing” is what I really love about TE.


When I got my metric ruler out and began to take measurements, their future design decisions all began to add up. :slight_smile:

The Oplab was not a successful product. That part is true. What I admire is that Teenage Engineering found ways to use what they learned from that experience and iterated the design to where there will soon be an oplab module for the OP-Z, as well as their own analog hardware modular to take advantage of both it as well as the original, which I’m glad I kept.



Good job, Teenage Engineering. I’m glad they’re being upfront about this. We might see some tears from a certain type of customer, but it’s better to identify these problems now and address them before the 170 and 16 are shipped.


Bummer. Was considering the keyboard.


I got no voucher or email, just a paypal refund. Bummer


Not sure how it works. Just took that image from a reddit post of someone that got the voucher. Im sure if you email them they will give you the voucher.


…at least two spelling errors. Odd. Guess they wanted to get out in front of the issue?


I think its better this way than having to coordinate thousands of faulty Units at the customer.