Plughugger releases “Synthetic Deep House” for Elektron Analog Four / Keys hardware synthesizers

Synthetic Deep House is a sound expansion that combines the sound of Deep House with the characteristic sound of the Swedish analog polysynth, the Elektron Analog Four / Keys. While the soundset draw inspiration from the golden age of Oldschool House and classic Deep House, the sound of the Analog Four gives the soundset a unique feel and vibe: a bit darker and a bit more analog.

Synthetic Deep House includes 150 new presets, including thick, dark basses, mellow electric pianos, leads and deep and heavy chords. We also created a handful of drum sounds so you can make a full track using only the Synthetic Deep House soundset.

Strictly Deep House contains 150 new sounds:

  • 37 Bass sounds
  • 66 Synth / Lead / Chord sounds
  • 15 Pads / Synth strings
  • 32 Drum / Percussion

The soundset comes with clear instructions how to install the sounds to your Analog Four / Keys.

Price: 9.90 Euro / 35% OFF. Until the 15th of September you can buy Synthetic Deep House for 9.90 Euro. Use coupon code ELEKTRONHOUSE to get the discount. Ordinary price is 14.90 Euro.

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I forgot to mention that all sounds in the demo is using the sounds are in the soundset.
No additional effects or compression. Everything you hear is coming from the Elektron.



Nice sound demo)

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Last day for the intro discount!