PLEASE somebody has a detailed manual x.04

Hi guys!
I really need a detailed tutorial on how to work x.04 without mega-command.
Maybe someone will make a detailed review for people like me)
Thank you!

Hello! Welcome to the forum. This thread is a good place to ask questions about the X.04. Is there a specific thing you’re having problems with in the X.04?

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Everything’s outlined in the fw changelogs on GitHub. There are tons of posts discussing the firmware spread across a thread or two. There are people on YouTube demonstrating what they are doing with it. Why do you need to have everything laid out for you? You don’t like to explore a machine?
Or do you expect to be in some sort of “The Game” type scenario in the near future where extensive and flawless operation of an MD running X.04, without using a megacommand, is paramount to your survival?