Please help me with solving sticky buttons on the monomachine

Hey, recently i bought a monomachinec from It works great. However, just a couple of minutes ago, the ‘poly’ / song’ button has started to act rather sticky when I press it. It is in excellent condition, and doesn’t look like anything has been previously spilled into the machine.

I have beeen treating the monomachine very gently and I own a couple of other elektron gear as well. If some of you have any ideas that can lead me to solving this, I would be very thankful.

you could take the cap out and sand the left side with sand / glass paper

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You can also buy a button from elektron and replace it.


Do you mean contacting them or do they have buttons in store?

You have to contact the elektron support. They sell parts generally and from legacy gear. After that you can go to a professional tech to replace it. Otherwise you can send it to elektron, but they will charge you, as it is not under warranty. There are really helpful

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Can try electrical contact cleaner/lubricant

Yes, you can try that first. From my experience cleaning doesn’t last long. After 6 months or 1 year of use might appear the problem again.

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