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Closing. Need the MX-1 for the Digitone Keys. :slight_smile:



Model:Samples has been sold.


Why oh why does this pop up after I spent the day convincing myself that the Microfreak is something I need to have?! :weary: Someone buy it before I decide to. If I may ask, which direction are you going, if you’re getting away from the array of hardware boxes?


I’m going to finish building my 4U modular this summer, and I’m planning to just have one keyboard synth and that. Having the big desktop setup was pretty fun, but I really enjoy sound design a lot, and I’m much more inspired on that side of things with modular gear. I also was enjoying my Rev2 a lot, but then sold it to get more desktop gear. I miss having a good keyboard synth to play when I don’t feel like programming, patching, composing, sequencing etc. I will almost definitely want an Elektron device of some type as well, but I need to think about that a bit more, and decide what will fit best into this new minimal setup.