Please close

Im looking for a JBL Nano Patch Plus
I’m based in Portugal

PM me if u got one for sale in mint condition

This appears to be a re-branded SM-Pro audio nanopatch+ (or the other way round?) so you could look out for one of them too.

Many thanks mate :slight_smile:

Yeah this one is nice too…

Hey. I have one mint nanopatch+ I could let go. Not sure if it is worth to send from Germany, besides I will be off for vacation from Friday. Just out interest, what would you trade for?

Well if u have modular I have one Doepfer midi to cv that I’m not using it .

How much do u want for it ? €

Nah…no modular. I would take something like a pocket operator. Will not go more into than than 0C :smile:

I guess 30€ would be ok, but sending via DHL to PT would add another 9€. Not sure if that makes any sense :confused:

Can u send me some pics please ?

Will do this evening :wink: