Hi everyone !

I’m letting this MD go, it got replaced with a DT in my setup and I need the cash to fund a Faderfox controller. It’s in pretty good shape, no issue to report apart from a small rack rash, bought it like that and it never bothered me… Previous owner has replaced the power supply, inconsequential for me since this one works, but mentioned here just in case. Original box is still in good shape so there’s that too.
See pictures below.

Price: 600€ o.n.o.
Shipping to EU 20€. I’m located in Belgium.
Payment via PayPal (add 4%) or bank transfer.

I already bought and sold things on here, ask for reference if you need it :+1:

Expecting your PM’s :wink:

The MD has found a new master :+1:

Thank you for closing the topic, Mr. mod :slight_smile: