(Please close, item sold)


Hi, I’m selling my Beatsqueezer. Got it a few weeks ago after months in the waiting list and as soon as I got it I just realized that I was never going to use it. I have enough sampler-based things for now, and I can’t imagine how would I fit it in any of my current setups, so I think it’s best for it to go. I’ve just used it once to check if it works (it does! :stuck_out_tongue:) and to take some pictures.

Selling it for 250€, shipping anywhere for 20€ with tracking code, etc… If buyer’s in Spain it can probably be less, or even we can meet in person if you live in Barcelona. I accept paypal, bank transfer or cold, hard cash.

I can take more pictures if you need them.


Price bump, -50€ (initial price was 300€ + shipping).


So you’re basically selling it more than its brand new price … ?

230$ ≈ 200€


Exactly, although I did pay a bit more than that after exchange commissions, around 230€, but you are correct. It is brand new and since I already have it there’s no waiting list for it; whoever wants it can wait for months like I did, or have it in a matter of days for a little bit more.

If I really need it I’ll lower the price again, but for now I just don’t want to lose money over it.


Topic can be closed, item has been sold!