Plays Free Glitching Tutorial


Hello. Here is my new Octatrack video using plays free tracks to trigger recorder tracks resampling to the cue to play back glitches of whatever audio you want and do the crossfader shot in ultra low light sorry about that thanks bye.


very cool video.
I never tried the plays free stuff actually
this is a nice insight how you can use them


I wish the Octatrack had choke groups, would make this kind of thing a lot more interested for me.


I wonder if there is a workaround.


maybe with nei plocked nei conditions, or midi loopback


I think I tried nei but didn’t work as expected. I’ll try again at some point.


For choke groups I just use slot lock, for example closed hat slot 1, open hat slot 2, then lay out the trigs on 1 track with for example slot 1 closed hat on 1,2,4,6,9,12,14, then slot 2 open hat on 3,7,11,15, not quite the same as a proper choke function and a bit of a hack but in some instances it can work.


Yes, @nedrush, did you try midi loopback + midi plays free tracks?
You can play several audio play free tracks with midi play free tracks, control recorders, quantize everything, etc…

Edit : I understood choke as stack, but choke is like a mute group?
Arp on tracks notes should work?


Choke is when a group of samples is mutually exclusive. The one played last belonging to the group silences the others. Most evident example is hi hats: a real drummer can’t play open and closed hats simultaneously. So not really a mute group.


Nice one! This type of tricks combined with the megabreaks of doom is why the OT is the ultimate breakcore machine :diddly: Does take a long time to prep though doesnt it


What do you mean by “slot locks”? I searched the manual to no avail. Is that a special function? Otherwise that’s just a mute group…not a choke group at all


Sample locks can be played played on one track using slot trig mode. A choke is when a new sound cuts short an already playing sound, so due to each track being monophonic using 1 track say for open and closed hihats, you will get the choke behaviour. As I said earlier it isn’t exactly the same as a choke group on say an MPC where it can work across multiple tracks, but functionally it can get the same result.


Ah Ok, you talked about sample locks. I didn’t understand what “slot lock” meant


I love the plays-free idea for triggering the loops. Combined with scenes this is super-duper powerful. Thanks a lot for this!


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Yes. The prep time is long, but once done you can use it over and over with whatever source material you have, and keep adding to it with more patterns and banks.


I’ve been a bit stuck using just random slices for glitching. This is a great change. I’ve got lots of new ideas.


After about a year of experienting with octatrack drum machines and techno, I have decided to return to my favourite thing to do with octatrack- jungle.
I might try this plays free glitchy wotsit idea. Then again I might not but thats not the point the point is props to Ned Rush for keeping it real and keeping jungle alive. And props to him again for commenting on one of my octatrack youtube videos.
(Feeling all introspective lately. I might actually listen to my tiny audience for once.)
But er yes! Plays free. Thats a good thing for track 8 to do isnt it? I mean track 8 as master always feels like a cop out to me.