Playing tracks 2, 3, 4 with a MIDI Keyboard thru Overbridge

Hi there. Couldn’t find the answer to this in the forum or in the manual.

I have a Digitone connected over Overbridge in Ableton Live 10. Digitone has latest OS, etc. I have a MIDI keyboard attached to Ableton. With that, I can only play Track 1 on the Digitone thru Overbridge. How can I switch to other Digitone tracks on Overbridge? Or do I need to set up separate tracks in Ableton? I did try sending notes on all other relevant MIDI channels.


I either set up separate tracks sending midi to the hardware ,not the plugin, on different channels for each track or if I’m using the Digitone sequencer I’ll send it to the auto channel and it’ll play what track I select on the Digitone.

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Thank you! Soon after asking this question, I have also set up four channels for the four tracks of the Digitone. I’ll try the Auto channel too. I wonder if that allows me to send notes to synths connected to the Digitone. Let me give that a try.

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