Playing octatrack like a wavetable voice synth

What is the best configuration of track’s parameters for playing single or complex wave samples like a synth engine?

How playable is morphing between scenes with different samples each? Does it sound good?

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Here’s a premade OT set named monolith, with instructions included. Good playground for trying out these kinds of configurations, comes with a load of single cycles as well:

Here’s an elektronauts thread about the project:

I haven’t delved too much in myself, but I have used single-cycle chains and p-locked STRT with slides/scenes to sweep the cycles. Works ok, i’d say i’ve had more interesting results from just trimming samples super short and playing them chromatically, far easier to get weird timbral variations if that’s what you’re after. Happy cycling!


@hrrld @Merv I must have searched for the wrong keywords because I had no results, thanks

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