Playing external synths through midi - Digitakt



Ive set up the digitakt through midi to play mini korg, peak and circuit. All play initially through midi buttons 9-12.

but after set up when you hit one of the digitakt buttons 9-12 i just get a click and not the full synth sound.

any ideas?


Depending on how you have cc values mapped and what is sending, you could be sending default zero values from the dt for any number of parameters that could cause this.



Ive not got any CC set up, I’ve read the manual and its set up expected the only synth playing correctly when you hit the trigger keys is the circuit on channels 1 & 2 but the org and peak just play clicks and not the sound?


You’re going to have to give a bit more detail. How things are connected on what channel etc, in order to get some proper trouble shooting. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of exchanges that could be more frustrating than helpful.


Ive had same issue with Digitakt paired with DSI Evolver. Kinda random, cc values were not involved.


so im connected digitakt midi out to Korg midi in korg midi through to peak midi in peak midi through to circuit midi in.

Digitakt set at bank 16 track 9, channels set up as follows:

Digitakt channel A (button 9) to circuit channel 1
Digitakt Channel B (button 10) to Circuit Channel 2
Digitakt Channel C (button 11) to peak channel 3
Digitakt Channel D (button 12) to Korg channel 4
Digitakt Channel E (button 13) to circuit channel 10

all external synths have local control OFF

No ccs are configured in the digitakt and no bank or programs have been configured in the midi.

The circuit seems ok but the peak and korg just play clicks un less you move the sound selector switch forward then back the the digitakt plays the sound briefly before returning to a click sound

Thanks in advance for any help on this



I have this problem with my digitakt as well, I have a MIDI-cv converter for my euro and I can’t get the sequencer to sequence melodies at all. It works if I play the keyboard but not when I put in a sequence.

If I do the exact same thing on the digitone, it works as expected.

Shame really as it has 8 channels of MIDI I can’t use.


set the midi channels to 9-16 , also make sure that the synths themselves will respond to those midi channels( in their respective globals menu)


Some questions…of course shooting in the dark without seeing your machine…but have your tried starting a project from scratch? Have your tried just to see if with the Korg connected alone, it plays correctly? It also may sound stupid, but maybe your trig length is set too short? Pics of your settings could help…when I’ve had trouble with MIDI configs it has always turned out to be one setting somewhere that I had wrong.