Play TB 03 with Analog Four MK 2

hello there,

wonder if anyone could help me out (again)?

setting: analog4 mk 2, 8track mk 2 + roland tb 03
trying: use the trigger on the analog4 in the cv-channel to play the tb03.
putting a cable from cv a out from the analog4 to the cv in in the tb03 (checking out all settings on the analog4) - but nothing happend… damned
so therefor my question: what am i doing wrong? what setting in generell? voltage? something i have to do on the tb03? do i need another cable (stereo out cv, then a and b, from the analog4 to the tb03?)

or is it better/easier to do this via the 8track?

would be very kind if anyone could help me out…

best regards

There’s no CV/Gate input on the TB-03. The CV/Gate jacks are outputs as pretty clearly labeled on the front panel.

:man_facepalming: sorry, and correct… i mean the “trigger”-input
or shell i just go via midi in the tb03?

If you just want to sync theTB-03 to your A4, then MIDI is fine.

I don’t have an A4 anymore, but advancing the TB-03 sequencer using triggers works with a variety of gear for me.