Play Sounds Via Midi In

Just trying to figure out if it’s possible to play all 6 track sounds via Midi in (in the way the OT can be played using the the lowest 8 notes, if I remember correctly) or if it’s only one sound at a time (only the sound of the track you have selected).

You can assign each track a different MIDI track number, so they can all be played simultaneously, assuming whatever device you’re sending your MIDI from can send notes over multiple MIDI tracks at the same time.

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Sweet! Thanks for the info!

So there’s no way to have all tracks on the same midi track with the pads just played via external midi at one sound per key? It’s impossible to use Samples as a drum machine from drum pads.

Yes, use:

  • the lowest 6 MIDI note numbers on one MIDI channel or
  • note numbers 12 to 60 for chromatic play on separate MIDI channels.

See “7.5 MIDI notes” on page 19 of the manual.

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Very cool! I thought I looked over the Midi section, but I must have missed this! :tada: