Plaid are back

Couple of tracks from their new album, out in November


Very nice. There’s something about their chords and melodies that’s instantly them. Probably about time we had a dedicated thread for them. Spokes is still one of my all-time favourite albums :yellow_heart:


Yes! This is really exciting news, Plaid might be the electronic artists whose releases I look forward to most these days. I’ve really loved the direction they took with the last two releases, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing where they take this live show that never happened concept.


Just had my first listen, it’s very chill. Modenet, C.A., Wide Is are all standouts for me so far.

Feeling a bit disappointed by this album, but it’s early days yet, so I’ll give it more time. (Vinyl’s on the way anyhow so it will get many more listens!)

I love Plaid. Their melodies satisfy me in a way no other acts do.

But I definitely prefer their devastating songs to their cheerful ones!


I agree. I like the album more on subsequent listens, even though it’s back in the Scintilli twinkly territory that I don’t love as much as their other stuff. The sound design is mildly disappointing in that respect. That said, the strong tracks are still good, and a mediocre Plaid album is still better than a lot of other music but it probably won’t enter my heavy rotation

That screechy bit on the first track reminds of Klaus Schultz’s Pain.

I love the last 2 tracks


I’ve tried to get into Plaid on a few occasions but they never stuck but WOW this album fucking slaps!

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Except for Double Figure, I never liked Plaid’s music so much. This album makes no exception.

It does seem to get better towards the end - I really like Nightcrawler. Quite a few people seem a bit lukewarm on it but I think it’s their best album for a long time

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I had a quick blitz through , the sounds were familiar , tracks had weird time signatures … the usual thing.
Clever stuff but I do find myself listening to the new material less than their early stuff.
1st cd I bought for years

The 30th reissue of artificial intelligence would’ve been the next purchase but they don’t seem to have done anything with it …I’ll check if the old cd’s still play.

I like their overall sound but only a few songs really stuck with me. But these few are among the best songs i ever heard. Same with the new album.

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Has anyone seen Plaid live? I see they are coming here in Janurary…

I have loved Plaid for probably the last 20 years or so when I first discovered them. I’m surprised at how their latest releases continue to blow me away and do something for me emotionally I don’t get from other artists, many of which I listened to back then and haven’t really wowed me as of late. Just amazing stuff.

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A little discussion about their history and the album on the latest Interdependence podcast


I saw them i think around 4 years ago.
It was more festive than expected, not the track i’m found of, but was cool, their guitarist was there to complement them, i think they often go on tour with them.

For the album there’s some cool track, but it’s pretty far to be my favorite album of them.

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Yea, I’m not fond of festivals either…they seem to be going on a proper tour.

was using the term festive more related to fun than festivals, mean they are playing really happy track.

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Just pulled the trigger on some Plaid tickets. Can’t wait!

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