Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900

I like it. Seems wickedly versatile. Wish it were rack mountable though but it appears snug.


Anyone spied this?


I was looking at a MN 0-Coast but then this caught my eye… I’m now super-torn!


There’s a pre-existing topic here: Pittsburg Microvolt 3900

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This little gem has some cool asses up its sleve. The osc sounds really raw with its wavefolding, the low pass gate fattens up the sound and the modulation section has a tricky random source that works very musically with its 6 step buffer.

Pittsburgh got a really nice marriage of east and west coast which has much more beef than the O-Coast in my opinion.


Im super interested in this bad boy but don’t have access to one. Thanks for the review. Anymore you want to add?

Anyone else care to report in? The is still a dearth of examples on the net and what is there mostly takes it for an east-coast ride on the Arp. I’m interested in how off-piste, west coast it can get.

I don’t have one—so it’s only an opinion—but I think they absolutely nailed it. The feature set is perfect, the design and form factor are perfect. I’ve said it elsewhere but I really really hope this doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of inexpensive gateway drug style synths. They’re a bit “late to market” but the number of people who start out on a M32 or 0-Coast is holding steady it seems.

I had the 0-Coast. It’s a great product and I did not use it to its potential. The reason why I actually sold it is the form factor. It’s so small there’s nowhere to put it, if that makes any sense. It’s a very awkward form factor and the placement of the power jack makes it hard to sit next to other synths.

Microvolt does not suffer from this. It’s a proper tabletop synth, not a module with a power supply.


I played a bit more around withit. so the Overdrive is really cool, but a few things are anoying:

  1. the small potis react uneven, their quality is not the finest.

  2. the envelope generator is kinda slow, so drumsounds beside an overdriven kick are quite hard if not impossible.

  3. when the gate is open, there is lots of noise

  4. no use of velocity

  5. tuning of the oscilator is a bit off, when you go above 2khz.

the Ocoast has much better modulations, but lacks the overdrive. the microvolt is a wild one, but lacks control. great for overdriven bass and drones. not so much for precise drumsounds


I was looking into a small semi-modular as (drum) sample fodder for the DT and the Microvolt really caught my eye. Shame about the slow envelope, people had it pegged as a 101 successor as well.

Really not a fan of the Make Noise aesthetic. Wonder if there are any other options aside from the M32 and Neutron?

Microbrute 2s or DFAM?

I figured the LPG was included to do drums…

I really want to replace my M32 with another semi. I can’t do the 0coast - not into it. I was hoping this would be it but Im not sure…

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The sv1 covers so much basics and it sounds huge in some demos.
I decided for the 0-coast but I’m still eyeing on the sv1.
I’m really a fan of semimodulars, and there are so many great synths in this format.
Mother, MIcrovolt and Neutron would also be very interesting for me.


It does look nice.

I hope to get out of a strictly Edit: EAST coast paradigm and I think the microvolt with its wavefolding, lpg and modulation treads the line between east and west better than even the 0coast.

But if it fails in other important ways maybe it won’t be for me.

Neutron + plaits would be my next thought.

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DFAM is really good from Drums. The Doepfer Dark Energy is also very versatile and snappy, though it has no noise.

I’ve been looking for a small semi modular, to pair with either DT or DN for use away from my desk / studio.

Sound wise out of them all, the Microvolt is definitely my favourite. I keep looking at the Manther but I’m not hearing anything special there.

I would love to try one of these out.

I dunno man around the 9:40 mark with the LPG enabled he’s getting some nice possible drums hits…


Sounds pretty good. Nice and rubbery. West coast noob here, is LPG just the same as routing amp env to filter freq?

Yes but the curve is more exponential.

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sounds great!

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What I picked up this time is the usefulness of the external gain: basically a preamp in to which you can send anything and bring it up to CV. Very handy.

And I wonder if I use the Hold as a way to give the OT sequencer latch…

It’s very nice.