Pittsburg Microvolt 3900


Got Mine and put it through some paces last night, sounds amazing, seems all the demos except the sonic state review make it really noisy, its actually quite delicate and beautiful but can also get insanely nasty. The random source is really musical and not completely off kilter random so you can set it to generate beautiful material. LPG sounds amazing, the ‘pluck’ button lets you get some really nice tones for drums. 10 thumbs up.


Your account is private, can’t listen…


thanks! I’ll try to upload another one to youtube later





A little heavy handed on the LFO but otherwise a good show.

I need a wavefolder in my life.


i had a wavefolder in MI warps and the 0coast. I really like the one in the 0coast. so much timbres

the microvolt looks really cool. Really great features. And it‘s great to have such a lovely filter after the wavefolding :slight_smile: then the extra resonance, the drive options and the lpg. Seems that it can produce tons of different sounds


If possible, try it out before buying. The oscillator has unique character and can be bit challenging if its not your cup of tea. It’s very different from 0coast sound wise.


I’ve bitten the bullet and have one of these arriving tomorrow. I think it sounds fantastic and I hope I get along with it. Excited!


Just a note to say that the Microvolt sounds incredible! Very very versatile and sounds a LOT like an SH101. The Pulse wave is the best I’ve heard (in my opinion). And with all the LPG and west coast stuff it’s great for loads of sounds. Definitely a keeper. It just has ‘that sound’.

Now I need to decide whether to sell my Microbrute or Pulse 2. Hmm.


Nice - I always thought it was a cool machine. It looks great, has a lot of nice features / modules. Strangely, it seems like it didn’t get much love, or at least got lost in the mix. Share some jams if you can.


I definitely will, I have some time off work soon. Frankly I cannot think of a better single OSC synth anywhere near this price. Very impressed.


I agree, it really is a wonderful synth. It is one of my favorites.


I really really need to find somewhere to try it out. I couldn’t keep my M32 if I wanted it and from all the demos I’ve heard online the Microvolt doesn’t have the laserlike clarity or heft of the M32. But I would be willing to give that up for a wavefolder and super bouncy envelopes; the M32 has gotten a bit boring honestly.


get a PM envelope!


Can anyone post any examples of the Microvolt going super off-piste? All I’ve been able to find are SH101 sounds.


Forgive my ignorance but what is regarded as east and west coast stuff?


Low pass gate sounds and wave folding: west coast.