Pitchless Trigs in 1.32B?

Hello everyone. I just got my Monomachine direct from Elektron and am really enjoying going through the manual and trying everything out.

I have a question: In the manual (page 59) it states:

You can easily remove the pitch from a trig by pressing [EXIT/NO] while holding the [TRIG] key. The pitch from the previous note will then continue to sound for the trig.

But when I hold the [TRIG] key and wait for the mini keyboard to display, then press the [EXIT/NO] key, nothing happens. It sounds exactly the way it did before, with both trigs having a distinctly different pitch. Does anyone else have this problem, or am I just not understanding how to do this?


Never mind. I just heard back from Elektron and they stated that this feature was never implemented but apparently a reference to it made its way into the manual anyway.

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Crud. I noticed this feature in the manual and hoped to use it to duplicate some patterns/melodies and then remove some notes while keeping the motion I had in place.

Have you all tried Function+No or something? I could have sworn I read this worked at least at some point.

you have to smack the trig+[the no button] within milliseconds of eachother for it to register, but it’s there

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Can confirm this - however I was only able to get it to work placing new trigs like that - turning existing trigs into pitchless trigs hasn’t worked for me.

EDIT: Actually, I was mistaken - it also works with existing trigs, it seems my timing was just off by a hair.