Pitchbend Locking/Recording


Hello, I have connected the Digitone to my microkorg. Is it possible to record pitchbend movement in the sequencer of the digitone ? Thx


I don’t know the DT, but it isn’t recordable in the other recent synthesis devices - it isn’t p-lockable, so where do you record it !? - it’s intended for live performance, along with aftertouch etc


pitch aren’t p lockable in the DT you said ?

Hm I think I didn’t have enough english knowledge or I’m no reading good ^^


Sorry, meant DN, thus reference to synthesis

It’s possible on OT DT on the MIDI Track side (7bit only), but not on the synthesis only devices which I presume DN is (i.e. just synth tracks, so nowhere to parameter lock PB/MW/AT in the sequencer as those are performance macros for live control)


Ok, thank you for your reply :wink:


Hi All,

I have my digitone setup with an external MIDI controller (Arturia Keystep). Controlling the pitch of the digitone works, but when I try to record a pitch-bent sound to a trig, only the un-bent note is recorded.

Question: is there a way to record the pitch bend in the trig?



No. Pitch bend is a macro for performance modulations - not recordable On any Elektron afaik - you can seq via midi if you want