Pitchbend Locking/Recording

Hello, I have connected the Digitone to my microkorg. Is it possible to record pitchbend movement in the sequencer of the digitone ? Thx

I don’t know the DT, but it isn’t recordable in the other recent synthesis devices - it isn’t p-lockable, so where do you record it !? - it’s intended for live performance, along with aftertouch etc

pitch aren’t p lockable in the DT you said ?

Hm I think I didn’t have enough english knowledge or I’m no reading good ^^

Sorry, meant DN, thus reference to synthesis

It’s possible on OT DT on the MIDI Track side (7bit only), but not on the synthesis only devices which I presume DN is (i.e. just synth tracks, so nowhere to parameter lock PB/MW/AT in the sequencer as those are performance macros for live control)

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Ok, thank you for your reply :wink:

Hi All,

I have my digitone setup with an external MIDI controller (Arturia Keystep). Controlling the pitch of the digitone works, but when I try to record a pitch-bent sound to a trig, only the un-bent note is recorded.

Question: is there a way to record the pitch bend in the trig?


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No. Pitch bend is a macro for performance modulations - not recordable into an audio track on any Elektron afaik - you can seq via midi if you want

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What do you mean?

I am sorry I am having a brain blank as I sit here trying to record or figure out how to automate pitch bend the D Tone.


it can’t be captured on synth tracks as explained above/elsewhere … pitchbend is retained as a way to modulate parameters in performance only, those same parameters can be recorded in other ways into the sequencer, just not by using the pitchbend (or aftertouch / breath )

I don’t know DN but you could possibly sequence PB from a MIDI track routed back into itself, but that seems like an inefficient workaround if you can record the effect of pitchbend in by directly adjusting the targeted parameters (keep in mind that steppy sequenced control of pitchbend is not that naturalistic) The discussions on this topic for other Elektron instruments will be similar and may be worth reading through

i actually tried it today, you can use the internal midi tracks to sequence the DTN voice with a midi loopback and automate pitch band. its very cool because A: you can make microtonal stuff automating the PB per step, given that you do that BEFORE the actual note (meaning you need some noteless trigs with pb information before the real note) otherwise you get slew which leads me to B: you get glide! altho you cannot define the slew time i find it very nice sounding out of the box and its something i was totally missing, i know you could fake it using an LFO but it was always only in one direction, until we get real glide implemented within the DTN, im really happy about this find, especially when combined with sustained notes for a slewed legato feel :slight_smile:

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Hi @ylva, thanks a lot for sharing this little trick!
Did you find a step by step tutorial explaining how to achieve this? I was very disappointed to find out that modwheel and pitchwheel parameters can’t be recorded live in the Digitone. I use an Expressive E Touché with a DAW and mapping tons of controls to different axis of the Touché is just amazing. I’m very into microtonal and glide and polyphonic legatos within chords in general so the technique you mention sounds super interesting, though still a bit abstract to me right now.

Saddest news ever, I don’t get what they do, they talk a lot about how you can use modulations with Digitone Keys and that main feature is not even compatible with the sequecer.
Thx Elektron, we’ll use other sequencers for that purpose, my Novation Slmk3 does it perfectly, It also tells me what the midi tracks modulation parameters are doing, so I don’t have to learn all the ccs numbers, please implement such features in your machines, they are great in so many other ways,

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I agree. I don’t know how such a basic sequencer feature such as recording pitchbend / modwheel movements is left out. There are workarounds, obviously, but being able to capture the dynamic performance of playing keys in conjunction with the pitchbend and mod produces nuances that you can’t get with manual automation, not to mention it being intuitive and quick. Elektron, please implement this.


Agree! I also note that i cant record the modulation of the pitch wheel which gives so much expression to the sound! Elektron, be kind and implement this feature that should be native!