Pitch thru machine request

Not been here for a good while, in fact Not since the change over from elekronusers.
Anyway, I picked up the octatrack last night as i’m starting a new project and thought it might come in use.
I never really spent any time with it and still need to learn how to use it properly.

I wanted to use it as a effects unit live and would love to pitch shift the incoming audio.
Why is there not a pitch machine in the effects block?

Is there any other way to do this? I don’t want to sample anything, it’s literally going to act as a mixer and effects unit for various live instruments.


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You can combine the thru to a flex machine.

Have the flex record trig(you might have to micro shift the record trigs to the left a little) the thru. (I usually set record from cue.)

Have the flex play trigs at the normal position.

Set the record and play trigs on every down beat with the record slightly ahead of the play. You can see in the record menu as long as the play arrow is ahead of the record arrow you can do a near instant pitch shift.

I have pitch shifted a friend’s vocals live before with this machine. We couldn’t stop laughing.


Wow! amazing cheers dude.
I might need help making more sense of that when I try it out but i’ll give it a go.

Wow, that’s an amazing trick!

Thats cool. But i dont get it… Record, play, trig… it could be my english…
Can you explain further…
For an idiot… : )

Like this…

  1. Do like this
  2. Do like that
    4 and so on

haha Now that I don’t look like the only person who can’t grasp that, can you do a bit more detailed explanation.
Maybe it’s easier to grasp when the machine is sat in front of me. My head can’t do it without physically doing the steps.

Cheers Udenjoe, really appreciated.

Udenjoe? :frowning: hehe

• Load a Flex and give it Recording1

• Open Recorder 1 menu (FUNCT+A/B)

• Put a rec trig on 1 - 5 - 9 - 13
for the source you need (don’t forget to check the p-lock for the trigs)

• Put a sample trig on, say, 3 - 7 - 11 - 15

• Play with Pitch parameter

You will have a bit of up-shifting available.
No problem, instead, for down shift since it is a calculation that doesn’t need prediction.

The closer the rec/sample trigs are, the less up-shift you have.

Another technique involves the use of microtimed trig.
Same step for Rec and Sample trigs, but this time the Sample trig is shifted 1/384 later using MicroTiming.

You will not have up-shift but down-shift yes…so you can make instant “vinyl-stops”


I somehow managed to get up to +8 pitch with just 1/64 difference in timing, but then I started over and tried to replicate it taking notes but I didn’t have any success.

I guess it could’ve just been using the recording from the previous loop since I was repeating the same 16 step pattern. But then later it never went ahead of the recording like that…

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Sorry for the late reply. I’m typically afk on the weekends.

  1. Set up Sample Play triggers 1,5,9,13.
  2. Set Record triggers 1,5,9,13
  3. Press trigger and Shift + Left Arrow for each Record trig to a micro time earlier than the play trig.

It was a long time ago that I did this among a bunch of other people with many libations and what have you. This was an earlier OS. I assume it still works. I’ll have to try it out this week.

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Amazing, cheers People. I will give this a go.

Can an external sound source be pitch shifted in real time?

I’m sure a read somewhere about setting a record trig so the buffer is continuously being over written on every loop and then load the buffer on to a flex slot. Does this work?

Any other ideas?

Trying to work out all the possibilities for manipulating external sources in real time / live performance, so any suggestion for this would be great.

Perfect. Thankyou.

I’m wondering the same question that rickyos asked 1 year ago.

“Can an external sound source be pitch shifted in real time? I’m sure a read etc…”

Then rickyos got 1 reply, and answered “Perfect. Thankyou.”

What was the reply? I can’t get it open and I tried to open it with three different browsers.
I also found this page Pitch shift an external sound source but with no luck. That one reply doesn’t open at there either.

It was only a link to this thread !

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Aah, of course. That explains it. Thank you very much!


Thanks for necroing this thread, always wanted a pitch-shifter! one of the best tips I’ve encountered so far.


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