Pitch envelope without LFO?

I was looking in the manual, but didn’t see anything (hoping I missed something!).

Is it possible to vary pitch over time in a sound without consuming one of the LFO slots?

My brain is going to crazy places like midi loopback + pitch bend from a midi channel, but this seems like sequencing is going to become awkward. Figured I’d ask here before I do anything too nuts :peanuts:.

Thanks, hope everyone is safe and sound and has a great weekend.

It obviously depends on what you want to hear/achieve via a pitch ‘envelope’, but if it was a fast kick style zap then you could maybe use a modulator envelope and tune to taste. At the expense of the modulator modifying that carrier - might be viable in some cases rather than spending that lfo

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That’s a great thought - it didn’t occur to me to get that surgical with the modulators. You opened my eyes a little bit. Thank you.

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just dusted off my digitone after a while … how do i go about pitch modulation anyway? LFO or not - if I wanted to do something slower than a zap style kick drum… lets stay automated pitch bend on trigger over the course of a quarter note or so?.. I’m being bit thick here

If you’re not using the LFOs for anything else, there are some relevant LFO destinations (see Appendix C in the manual). SYN: Pitch All is maybe a good place to start. Look at the exponential or ramp shapes, and tune speed and depth to taste.

In my case I’m using the LFOs for other tasks - filter cutoff and fm amount, hence the original question (and the very clever answer given).

Hope that helps.

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You could also try to experiment with portamento and the different settings in the sound setup.

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wonderful - that helps indeed!
followed by the next newbie question: where do you find that pitch parameter outside of the LFO? (not talking about the note value here)

thanks for your help

It’s just the position of whatever carrier(s) you are monitoring (as set with x-y control)

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wouldn’t that be ‘mix’?

Yep. But as you can tell, adjusting the carriers steps through values rather than making a smooth glide like the pitch options in the LFO. I think LFO is the only way to do what you want, aside from the portamento trick. Maybe if the DN gets trig slides, we could work some magic with the ratio offsets.

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