Pitch conditions

I think pitch conditions would be super useful. The idea is that you can set two (or more) notes to a single step in the sequencer and tell it to alternate between them similarly to the way trig conditions work, so you could set a ratio like 2:3, which would play the first note through two repeats, and the second note through three repeats, or you could set a percentage ratio, like 33%/67% where there first note has a 33% chance of triggering and the other a 67% chance.

It would be useful for certain things.

Actually come to think of it I do remember a Elektron video demonstrating the way you can do this by adjusting the microtiming of adjacent notes to make it happen at almost the exact same time as another step and by adding trig conditions to the steps you can achieve the same kind of effect, but let’s be honest, making this a full-fleshed out feature would be really nice.

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Polyend tracker has something close. Its chance note and will work on a scale of your choosing.

On the A4 I suppose you could configure the arp to do almost what you want.

At the moment trig conditions are simple entries in a static list you select from. They are easy and fast to use.

A feature like you are describing doesn’t fit into this kind of simple and static entries anymore. Either it requires the introduction of variables like multiple pitches for a single condition (+ an own menu to configure them) or it requires the possibility of multiple alternative trigs per step (+ again one or more menus to configure them).

Neither of this is really easy to implement when you want to keep the actual fast workflow.

And even if you can manage this somehow, you get really fast a problem of feature creep. What you named “full-fleshed out feature” is just one out an endless set of similar features.

Why stop at 2 randomly alternating pitches? Why not stack 3, 4, 5 etc.pp.? Why only random? Why only alternate pitches? Why not complete trigs with all their possible plocks? And on and on and on it goes …

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i’ve wished for something like that a few times too. maybe a ‘round robin’ conditional trig would be a nice way to do it, where you set up a separate ‘round robin’ sequence that the conditional trig references and can step through in the main sequencer. then you wouldn’t be tied to pitch or step amounts.

[edit] probably easier to show the idea in pic form!

agreed. pitch conditions would be mint

Sometimes when I sit in front of my OT, I wish it had exactly that. It would really expand the sequencer in a great way. :slight_smile:

Not easy to fit into the current UI, though.

If they implemented Sid mode on the arp like on mono machine you could do this. I’ve always wondered why they haven’t implemented that on all elektron products. Would make me buy one instantly!

cool cool!

with some clever “music” algorithms (fixed to scales, chord progressions etc… ).

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