Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

do you mean the MPC Live doesn’t allow you to adjust the tail length anymore?

gotta be honest when they made the Akai Force I didn’t know what the hell they were thinking and still don’t… they could have made a much better form factor for that one without even trying… who ever thought of that designed… tsk tsk

I hope the next model design comes from someone else entirely, the Akai Force looks reminds me of those oldReese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercials where two people bumped into each other and got their chocolate and peanut butter mixed up

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The tail doesn’t wrap to the start of the loop. So your loops aren’t seamless if you have a tail (reverb, delay, etc). Some don’t want the wrap. I do.


In comparing the feel of making edits on the Pioneer vs the Live, I was thinking of doing things like trimming samples and tweaking a mix. Definitely not feature parity. Feature-wise, MPC all day. But browsing a sample library and putting a beat together that just sounds good, Pioneer.


I’m using my MPC Live basically the same way as you plus capturing the occasional loop. If Akai made a mixer/mpc hybrid, I would jump in a second.

Kind of an OT from akai?
I guess the perfect “brain of a setup” will never exist… :laughing:

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So is anyone else running the Dave analog filter wide open on the main outs with little-to-no res, just for “analog coloration”? I’m experimenting with small amounts of the distortion too, sort of a super basic Analog Heat.


I was thinking on getting Pioneer over MPC One at first but I understood that Pioneer is better to use with more or less prepared samples that you can combine on the fly while on live. Pioneer is more like an instrument for DJs rather than a music making machine.

Pioneer is more like an instrument for DJs.

I wouldn’t say that, SP16 is a sampler the way the Dr Rex work meaning sampler slice oriented. You can’t make sampler programs the way it is on the MPC with different layers by midi velocity. There’s is no Auto-Sampler which is very handy to auto-sample a VST or a Hardware Synth. But still, if you want a very organic behavior in the modulations, nothing is better at it as the original source (the VST or the Hardware Synth)

The SP16 is for DJS, and Producer. People who cares about the quality of the sound for the studio or the Live Performance who accept to have less features. Because they enjoy the overall sounding, they enjoy the filter, they enjoy the immediate workflow, they enjoy sampling and mangle inside, they enjoy the pads modes, they enjoy the ribbon, they enjoy the multiple outs with professional quality.

i wouldn’t say that for the MPC it’s a different beast with its pros and cons and they are just not the same as the SP16. And we can say that for every machine that’s why at some point you buy 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on… machine(s) for your home-studio.

I guess the perfect “brain of a setup” will never exist…

To me it would be maschine+, MPC Live or Octatrack to choose for in terms of a unique piece of gear as the brain of any setup (i would choose for the Octatrack i think because the elektron sequencer is just difficult to beat at so many levels, especially with its live flow)


Still thinking about picking this up.

Am I right in saying that a mute cuts the audio and doesn’t let the sample play?
I know its something small but that would irritate the life out of me.
Is there a workaround?

Yes. Create patterns rather than rely on mutes. That’s my workaround.


Sold all my Elektron gear but just got an SP-16 and this is a great thread :slight_smile:

SP-16 sounds great but it has so many small irritations, however I guess 1.60 is as far as it will go. Can’t believe DJS 1000 has per pattern mutes and shift-select of multiple items on the screen, that would be a great addition to the SP-16.

Missing such sampler basics - normalise, auto chop by transient - but i just LOVE that drive on the filter!


I never understood why they couldn’t get the mutes right on the SP-16, how hard can it possibly be to port that function from the DJS…


Finally got this machine and its a beast. One thing that’s breaking my heart is the pops when I try and sample something bass heavy and to a lesser extent, drums. Any workarounds? I’ve been messing with the amp envelope to no avail. Unless I’m mistaken it doesn’t really show where zero-crossings are.

I find the only effective workaround to the pops is to mess with the sample start and end times in very small increments while zoomed in. Then you have to just use your ears old school style.

For the envelopes I primarily turn the sustain all the way down so it works as an AR envelope. Setting the release somehwere in the 28-41 range is perfect for most one shots. Then I’ll mess with the sustain for longer samples and leave the release as is.


Great, thanks for the advice. Was trying the zoom all the way in but found it frustrating that it didn’t follow the start or end point, unless I’m missing something. Will use my ears and see if I get results.

I have noticed that the BPM can be a off by .1 when I’m trying to sample. Thought it might have something to do with it. Not really sure as this is my first proper sampler. I’m slaving from a squarp, would it be best to have it as master? I remember seeing comments that it had midi issues but I don’t know if they’ve been resolved in recent updates. It seems to be fine for me except for seeing that .1 error visually.

Yeah I think the zoom just allows for smaller increments is why i think it works better.

I’m on the most recent firmware and I haven’t noticed any sync issues. I do only use microchops though not full loops in my samples so that may be why. I haven’t reply delved into live sampling so I can’t speak to that.

No zero crossing may be the issue

Strange. I’ve had no problems of the kind. I’ve sampled loops, one shots and live looped with the thing. Works flawlessly. The SP-16 has always been the master in these contexts, if that makes a difference.

Have you tried it on bass heavy loops? That’s where I seem to get it. Only on the end of the sample which is frustrating but can be worked around somewhat with release and using a filter. Weirdly it doesn’t happen on some plays of a loop.

That said, this machine is an absolute beast. I can’t believe it’s so cheap right now. The sound is very very good. It feels like anything you out into it is practically club ready. I’ve had it less than a week and I think I understand most of the work flow. My only annoyances so far are the pops, the parameter steps (having to go into the sequence screen to set them), and using it as a midi thru for some reason I have to set every time its turned on.

If you don’t need the better midi functionality of the digitakt, you’d be mad to get it over this.