[Pigments] New Arturia product announcement December 11


didnt know about the V6 deal, do you know if its the same for V5?


99 USD I believe


Have you tried it? is very good good and superb to program, the sequencer it quite elektron like and modulators like the Turin stuff make this a little bit different…I mean, it’s VA and Wavetable so it’s going to sound like VA mixed with Wavetable, but it does it extremely well…


An Elektron-like sequencer you say? Care to elaborate?


16 step with ‘probability’ on steps for gate and trigger and random, it’s pretty fun. Polyrhythmic and also has lots of scales for the pitch.


Does anyone know if this supports MPE? I can’t find any mention of it.


per-step probability does sound intriguing!


Nothing wrong with its building blocks.
I’m sure it will sound amazing in the right hands


FYI: It’s for “free” 'till 10. Jan. 2019. :sunglasses:


this is just a standard video sample from a commercial library,
it is used by many (not audio related) companies,
sorry to smash the deep investigation


Tried installing Pigments on a virtual Windows, got a notification that it needs a 64 bit OS architecture, gave up for now.


Just downloaded. Be nice sample fodder.


No really experienced with virtual windows machines, but from what I know shouldn’t you be able to just emulate that? Or does the system that the virutal machine runs on have to be 64 bit to be able to run a 64bit virtual machine? Really not sure, tho :thinking:


That’s what I will do over the hollydays :sunglasses:


It’s a beautiful piece of software, I love it already, but I’ve tested it on a 5years old mac book and a brand new pc, and it is a cpu hog… which is my experience with Arturia softwares unfortunately…


The virtual machine that I use to run Windows 7 (which is all I really need for now and have a licence for) will not currently run a 64 bit version of Windows, unfortunately.


I would Like an iPad Version…


Installed Arturia’s installation centre software, Pigments is in the list, I click activate - but there is NO install button. It’s missing from where it should be. The trial time is ticking down but I have absolutely no way to install it on my brand new Macbook Pro with touchbar.


you only need to activate if you purchase afaicr

download the installer manually and run it in demo mode (unless you bought it) - no need for ASC


Maybe? … someday?

In the meantime it does run on the Surface. That’s (mostly) good by my measure.


You can watch a video of this but WARNING the guy in this video is the most annoying presenter i’ve seen in a loooooong time. It’s excruciating. You see the paisley shirt?

So it’s mostly runnable on a touch screen, although it looks like you need a mouse for some of the stuff.