[Pigments] New Arturia product announcement December 11


Based on all this, prevailing theory at the moment is a softsynth spiritual successor to Arturia Origin that essentially modularizes everything from V Collection 6 as well as those preamps and filters they released recently. This would be fucking awesome.


The explosion picture has debris in it which made me curious. If you look closely you’ll see knobs and other familiar parts of Arturia hardware.


Definately vectorable clown wiggs…


Arturia Inc have spoken


Looks pretty minimal to me…


Link works for me. It’s a new soft synth


As expected. Any info on pricing?


Browsers don’t quite know how to handle all of Arturia’s many < hyperbole > tags yet !


Sweetwater has it listed @$149 currently



I don’t have the synth, and have only did brief scans of demos, but it looks like an easy-to-use wavetable synth. Everything seems easy to read and understand, while the sounds from the presets are good. However, doesn’t seem like you can get crazy deep like Serum, let alone load your own wavetables. $149 isn’t a bad price, but I already have Ableton’s wavetable synth, which is actually pretty darn good and easy to use as well.



Have not heard sounds yet but judging the book from its cover I hope this isnt a cpu hog.


Those audio demos on the site are meh. Looks like a ton of sound design potential there with all the modulation options, but if the basic building blocks sound thin and plastic then what is the point?


Well they’ve tried to copy Serum but haven’t quite pulled it off.
Doesn’t have the same power under the hood.
Looks like a cross between Ableton wavetable and Serum.
Still worth downloading the demo to check it out


Yeah I dont think Serum owners will take a glance at this. If it was priced lower then maybe but at $199 I think Serum is a better option.


And Ableton wavetable owners will be particularly questioning it’s value also


I got Serum



It’s 69 usd if you own V6:
I have Serum, other than making your own wavetables I think I prefer the pig, it also has probability on gate and trigger in the sequencer and a Turin modulator!


it’s… a wavetable synth that sounds like a lot of stuff i’ve heard before. the hyperbole really worked against them here.