[Pigments] New Arturia product announcement December 11


A sort of workstation would be cool, it will for sure have something to do with their collection though, its the first thing mentioned in the teaser.


Apparently it’s going to be a wavetable synth… Hence the opening crashing waves.


What ever it is the video is working just fine, having us talking about it. This sort of detective work is fun, and no dead body at the end. I’ve been reading all the words on the screen and i am no more informed than before.


Whatever it is, I hope its the color of that explosion at the end.


In the first image there definitely is the word “Wavefolding”.

And also the word “Wavetable”.

This could be good!


Looks like you can mix engine or something.
Ex : Engine 2 :wavetable

Also i see phase distortion.
And filter : SEM
So my guess some kind of software where you can mix every engines of their synths.


The Wavebrute. Man I hope it’s a hardware wavetable synth. That way I can stop thinking of the Quantum and its price tag.


Can i attach FOUR likes to that LittleRooms?


i have my doubts that a hardware can sound like this but who knows


Psh! Rewatching the video and the first image is waves, in hindsight I’m just like “oh, duh” :smiley:

Reckon it might be their first softsynth that’s not a clone?

Edit: trying to beat NI before they release Massive 2


possibly - or maybe PPG/Waldorf - binary modifiers are awesomesauce and I’ve only known those on those


A lot of people will be doing that.

I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a new serum coming out too.

Too many synths and not enough time to play them all :rofl:


How about something with a flavour of something from Arturia back at the beginning?

The Arturia Origin


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The video does say "It’s time for something original… Whatever it is, if those sounds in the video are from it, very nice.


That’s actually Arturia’s slogan for the Origin:

Be Original


So according to someone at GearNews it is called Regen. They got that from the upper right corner of the first sceen shot above. I can see that too.

That sounds distinctly like OR-egen to me!!

I am getting close to being convinced. (Until some other theory comes along.)

ADDED: I always wanted an Origin Desktop, but could never afford the 2500 dollars. With processors now, it’s reasonable to think that Arturia could port some sizable portion of the original A.D. TigerSharc DSP code to run in the box.


hoping it has a keyboard if it is that


They made an Origin Keyboard too.



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