[Pigments] New Arturia product announcement December 11


Stay tuned

NAMM 2019 predictions / releases
NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

I guess it’s just another software synth. Maybe it will combine/feature various synthese methods…definitely wavetables. To little information to be impressed by this announcement. :grimacing:


A software emulation of the Matrixbrute :smiley:


I wouldn’t mind that at all. Good sound. But a big synth to take over my keyboard rack


Not all synths explode in color.

The video is ambiguous enough that it could also be a hardware synth.
Arturia is ambiguous enough too.

If it was hardware (i’d rate the likelihood 2 to 3 that it is software though) would it be digital or analog or hybrid. Arturia is known for their analog stuff, right? But a explosion in color – is that digital?

I am asserting some postetic license here with this.


V collection 7 : just to make those who just picked up 6 feel just swell about that :zonked:


A new keystep.


“for 20 years we’ve been recreating the most iconic synthesizers… it was time to…”

“…recreate the behringer neutron”


Cancel what i just said. It’s almost certainly software.

This is in the video:

Do you Arturia software users recognize this?


I can’t imagine another synth emulation collection that will make me feel compelled to upgrade the way 6 did from 5.

Music Easel l, DM7, CMI?

V collection 6 is awesome- bring on 7. Don’t need it


Excellent work

Wavetable synth?


And this too:

Less interesting image but shows the three LFOs at the top and i can just about read all the screen items.


That’s why i think it is a software synth, too…or maybe it’s a editor for a hardware synth? A hardware device with embedded V-Collection. :grin:

Another shot

EDIT: You where faster. :smiley:


Your image is clearer than mine spktkpkt, you definitely can read the text in yours.

ADDED: There are other images in there too, but i couldn’t find anything interesting that’s an awful lot different from the above. Except one, and i can’t figure it out, it’s two screen lines shaped like a capital ‘T’ laying on it’s side.


Reminds me of the old Elektron videos, that had people going for months, and Ryan for years. :grinning:


I’m hoping for a new spark hardware / software iteration. I can’t believe I still use my spark to write drums with since I bought it in 2013 used. :innocent:


My predictions is a Digital Hardware synth which includes the arturia VST collection (like the Roland system). So either swappable patches via USB or have the whole collection included in it.

With VST functionality to rival Overbridge


Origin was a cool synth. If I had money at the time I would of gotten it.


could be something like the MPC Live with a touchscreen, assignable knobs and a keyboard and updated version of the Origin


So the right hand margin in the second image, has parameters listed down the right hand side of the large graph. It says “Point 1, Time 0.00, Level 0.00.” Granular???