Pickup Machines ... can i make them start with the Sequencer?

Ok, heyja :slight_smile:

Yeah, as expected i have some trouble with the Pickup Machines. Recording and stuff works fine, but i want the Pickup Machines to start playing when i start the sequencer; basically have them running independent from the Sequencer but have them recording while the sequencer is playing too. Is this somehow possible? I cant get it to work.

Reason is: I want to record on the Pickup Machines while the sequencer is running. But in the manual it looks like i can only sync the Sequencer to the Pickup Machine. I tried it out and this works; Pickup Machine completes its cycle and the sequencer starts. But it sets weird Tempo’s and everything does not fit. If i do quantized playback on the Pickup Machines themselve it behaves literally the same.

This isnt practicable. I need the sequencer to get my “clock” and i want to record/overdub while it is running to make sure that my play is in sync after a while :slight_smile:

If theres a thread about that already: Please gimme a point :slight_smile:
Thanks mates. Pickup Machines are literally the only thing left on the OT i didnt got used to so far.

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If you start the sequencer first and use qrec and qpl, the pu’s will be in perfect sync with the sequencer… They don’t start with the play button though, for that you’d use a flex triggering the buffer…
I gave an example recently here: 64 step problem w 16 step pickup machine

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AWESOME! this is what i was looking for! thank you @Open_Mike.

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