Piano in (your) electronic music

So I’ve been saving for a proper acoustic piano for quite some time (already have a ”grandma’s piano” so I’m looking at a significant upgrade). And the day is drawing nearer… Since I know there are some piano owners here, I thought I’d ask you people for some pointers.

Specifically, how do you people go about EQing and compressing piano in your music?

Secondly, from the perspective of electronic music (mostly calm and ambient-like in my case but still with a lot of dynamics and bottom end already occupied), what sort of piano do you feel best suits this music? I’ve been thinking getting an upright Yamaha U1 or Kawai K-300. do These are from the bigger end of the upright spectrum. I feel something like a b series Yamaha or a K-15 Kawai doesn’t quite cut it when using it as a solo instrument. Then again, a slightly smaller sounding piano would probably be easier to handle in mixes, and I’m also not a professional pianist by any stretch. Still, I’m looking for a piano that can have an almost grand piano -like presence and command.

Also, for a variety of reasons I’m going to buy a piano with silent functionality. That puts the price point around 6k in the used market, which is fine because this will be an instrument for life.

Feel free to talk about good examples of (acoustic) piano being used in electronic music as well as share your own music that fits the description.