Petition: Implement Scenes for midi tracks


Yeah, I think it would be more than enough to just have scenes for MIDI note, LFO and ARP parameters, so many possibilities with that alone.


I’m still meaning to check what happens when you try to send 24 midi lfo’s at high rate + tracks and arps, you might already be able to choke it. :thinking:


Let me hear the result, must be beautiful. :smile:


Am I the only one who thinks the OT owners should be happy now that TRCs are here, and let the hopes for further updates go to sleep? I’m really hoping that Elektron will let the OTs rest now and start focusing on the Octatrack DPS 2 :unicorn:


I sure hope so :wink:


Still things to improve in DPS1. They just released MKII. I think they will focus on DT/AH format machines first. DPS2 won’t come soon.


I’ve only had my Octatrack for around a month, and I’m still working out how best to use it. However, I moved on to having it control my Machinedrum and Analog Four last week which was interesting. Imagine my suprise when I discovered scenes couldn’t include changes to midi data!
At first, I even thought that the MKII may have a bug; I thought there is no way Elektron wouldn’t have thought about allowing you to do this. But then I read all the historical posts about this restriction.

I guess there must be some technical restriction, perhaps along the lines of the things suggested before. Seeing how these boxes typically encourage experimentation, surely Elektron would’ve implemented this if it was possible to do so.

What would be handy is a response from Elektron in relation to this requested feature; from my searches I couldn’t find anything official.


I can’t speak for anyone else but I think it’s more dreaming than hoping.

Also there is literally no chance that I would ever own a DPSII if it came out so why would I prefer they abandon work on what I have in favor of something I don’t have? I doubt I’m alone in this, the Octatrack (especially MKII) is very expensive and even one of them is out of the reach of most people, much less buying a new version every time one comes out. One of the reasons that Elektron’s track record of actively supporting and improving their instruments for much longer than a lot of companies do is so nice.

But yeah, I don’t expect major feature updates but it’s still fun to dream. I didn’t expect trig conditions (or even any more bugfix releases after 1.25h) either when I bought mine, but here we are.


…my OT arrives today and I learn this now… sadness


You can achive this with midi processors such as Goliath, Event Processor Plus, Rk002 maybe…


Surely the drain on the processor would be minimal. The Nord G2, released 7 years earlier than the OT MK1, can spit out multiple cc modulation per midi channel from enveloppes, sequencers, LFOs, random clocks etc, on all 16 midi channels simultaneously, and have up to 8 controllers (knobs on the keyboard version, or assigned controller on the Engine) alter some 8 or twelve (don’t remember exactly) parameters simultaneously, each with individually defined modulation ranges!. Not the G2’s fault if your other gear can’t handle it! My guess is that with the OT the absence of Midi to scenes is simply down to (lack of) programming.


I’m hoping this gets included in a future upgrade cause it really would make the midi sequencing just about perfect.


If this is added, I’ll buy an OT Mk 2!



But think midi needs to be updated first.

Mind you synths like Access virus can receive 16 channels of midi data across 16 patches from a DAW and handle it.

All I want is 5-10 midi cc mapped to a scene max. I think that would be plenty for me.


One reason more why clavia should create a modern G3 synth! I know thy said no more modular, but if enough people requesting one, maybe they deliver!


Indead. And in this case if you happen to own OT & G2 you can use the G2 to react to the OT’s fader… I’ve set it up so i can control G2’s morphs with OT’s fader.


It is not the gear, it is the midi specification.


Midi 2K18 …all new, more bandwidth than USB 3 and 8 times as fast :wink: …its about time.


Problem is then the hardware would need updating, so all new gear, in which case OTmk3 :slight_smile:

Joking aside, even if there was other gear outside of Elektron that supported turbo midi (at 10x normal speed) with large amounts of CC data, clock and notes, on 8 channels, the timing would not be acceptable for most people, and the Octatrack has very good midi timing.


Just getting here lol. Yes to this please!