Pet Peeves: music related

That’s what I’m talking about. Carefully placed toys, plants, nicknacks, a beverage…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Wait…so my plan to have fake plants on top of a vintage Roland Space Echo and green army men crawling over a landscape of broken syringes and opened condom wrappers wont go over well?
that was going to be my video debut.


all that doesn’t really bother me, cuz you have to place something if you’re going for a more “interesting” view…its just the, everyone copying with fake plants. @phaelam

The music should be interesting enough on its own. If you gotta dress it up…:thinking:

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it’s the wes anderson effect

i like it tho lol. nice to look at.


lol. wes anderson is more symmetrical tho.
yt jammers don’t get that deep.

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If they’re not making a custom visual then I don’t mind the toys and plants as a set dressing. Most of these YT guys are just tweaking the filter cutoff. There’s only so much knob twiddling you can look at before it gets boring!

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always be knolling

  • DJ fingers
  • rapid micro knob tweaks with no audible change :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The curse I have that musicians tend to die right after I buy tickets to their shows.
If Keith Richards dies, it’s probably because I bought a ticket……

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Mine: DAWless. Holy fuck can people shut up about being DAWless already. I’ve said it here in the past, but going out of your way to avoid using a DAW even just for recording isn’t some kind of trophy. It’s just making things less convenient.

I’m gonna add one trinket/beverage to my video setup for every comment like these.

I feel the need to do some set dressing because it’s just so boring for me to look at the same expanse of blank space all the time. And in some cases, the little trinkets (or the beer I was drinking) were near the machine I used in the video anyway, so it was just a matter of bringing them into shot :stuck_out_tongue:

I will forever drink a beer / tea / etc while making videos though, mostly because people get irrationally angry about it lol “OMG YOU’RE GONNA SPILL YOUR DRINK!” … no I’m not!


thousands of shitty phone-recorded videos from gigs on youtube.
if someone ever released a proper official live video — it’s impossible to find among those.
and what’s even worse, rare video shootings from 80s–90s are totally lost among those too.


+1 DAWless. agree 100%
-1000 deco. I’m gonna mention it 1000 times. So yer gonna have a lot of decorating to do.



careful what you wish for…


An Elektron special: the lack of portamento.


Flip band names…

  • Wevie Stonder
  • Com Truise

…etc etc


Hidden parameters in a hardware instrument. I never got on with that part of the Moog Sub Phatty I used to own.

When I bought it the hidden transposition parameter was set to +5 semitones… took me ages to figure out why everything I was playing sounded wrong. I even recalibrated it before finally using the editor and noticing all my patches were transposed.


« World Music ».

The fact that this name reaches insane levels of disdain is only made worse by just how much music is put into this category. Mostly by people other than the ones making it by the way. I don’t know of many people who would say « they love to make world music ».


Boingo Oingo was gonna be my next act.
But since I just moved 1 letter, is it OK? Or flip the entire words? Is Cruise Tom acceptable?

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You fuckers just looked right in that mirror didn’t you…

And what’s that you’re saying?

Miserable git

Miserable git

Miserable git

This is literally the most excited I’ve been in ages…

  1. People who go on about how they tune their kicks. Good for you, fuck off.

  2. People who refer to their setups as a “rig”. You’re not digging for oil, hipster twat.

  3. People who go on about how many scales they know. You’re making techno, not fucking opera.

  4. Anyone who puts their own face on a YouTube thumbnail (except Nick, he can do what he likes).

  5. People who think they’re clever because they own an 0 coast. You’re not, you just own an 0 coast.

  6. Everything Teenage Engineering have ever done/will ever do. Ever.

  7. Hashtaggers.

  8. People moaning because they didn’t get what they wanted in the latest Digitakt firmware. You’re not getting song mode, fucking deal with it.

  9. Just buy the fucking Octatrack, honestly, we’re past caring about how worried you are about hypothetical obsolescence.

  10. Eurorack power requirements and shitty power supplies.

  11. Eurorack.

  12. Succulents.

  13. Anyone that has more than four rows of Eurorack. Stop kidding yourself, you’re just a collector now.

  14. The ubiquity of Strymon pedals and, by extension, the scourge of too much reverb.

  15. The SoundCloud spambot ladies who never respond to my requests for sandwiches.

  16. Gear that prioritises looking cool over usability.

  17. People talking down at the Models, calling them toys because they’re not the Machinedrum MK3 that you’re never getting.


  19. People who don’t read the manual.

  20. The idea that music can only be taken seriously if it’s been professionally mixed/mastered.

  21. USB

  22. The fact that Myvolts have made a ripcord especially for the Model range whilst also selling the usb cable that fits it, because they don’t need a fucking ripcord!

That’ll do for now, I’m neglecting my kids.